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TIM SHOW: the best content at no cost for TIM mobile customers

Music playlists, games, TV series and always up-to-date news from Italy and around the world: all free for 1 year

12/01/2017 - 04:15 PM

This coming Sunday TIM gifts its mobile customers with TIM SHOW: the best TIMMUSIC playlists without consuming data traffic,  Gameloft games, Studio+ TV series, and news from Italy and around the world,  all on their smartphones for one year.

Thanks to TIM’s super-fast 4G network the customers will be able to listen to over 2,500 TIMMUSIC songs organised in playlists without consuming data traffic, watch 40 Studio+ original short TV series in 10-minute episodes, also available in the original language, enjoy the best Gameloft games including PaddingtonTM Run, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat Versus and Dragon Mania Legends and being on top of news and current affairs thanks to TIM MyNews.

TIM SHOW ready-to-use via the Apps for 1 year, free of charge.


This new offer underlines TIM’s new customer-oriented focus and emphasises the company's commitment to promote a digital culture, also during leisure time. To access the content TIM mobile users can just download the dedicated App for each service offered.

A recent study indicates that, over the next six years, there will be a dramatic increase in data traffic use from mobile devices, estimated at eight times the current usage, exceeding 100 Exabytes per month. That’s the equivalent of 5.5 million years of HD video streaming. By 2023, 95% of data traffic will be generated by smartphones versus the current 85%. Video content is leading the way, which is set to reach 75% of the total traffic compared to 55% at present time (source: Ericsson Mobility Report).

TIM is among the European leaders at the helm of this digital revolution, by continuing to invest in innovation through the development of networks, platforms, services and offers that are highly personalised and shaped to meet the customers’ needs and demands.

TIM SHOW will coincide with the launch of the new television advertising campaign, on air beginning 3 December, which will feature the JSM dancer next to a captivating and mysterious woman as well as other extraordinary Star Wars characters. The campaign, designed by TIM's Brand Strategy & Media Department was produced by Havas Milan, and will be launched on national television networks, on the web and in TIM stores.


Rome, 1 December 2017


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