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TIM and UTILITALIA in an agreement to speed up the development of optic fibre networks using the infrastructures of 500 public utilities

The Memorandum defines a single national procedure to regulate the access to the infrastructures of 500 electricity, gas, water and the environment management companies

09/12/2017 - 11:00 AM

TIM and UTILITALIA - the federation of the companies operating on national territory in the public services of electricity, gas, water and the environment - have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that, in application of regulations for the development of ultra-fast broadband networks, shall facilitate the use of pre-existing infrastructures (pipes, ducts and public lighting networks) of more than 500 local utility operators.

It is the first non-exclusive framework agreement that defines a single procedure that is immediately operative and applicable on a national level to regulate operations for the access and joint use of the infrastructures of the companies adhering to the federation, in implementation of Italian Legislative Decree no. 33/2016.

Following  agreements for the joint use of existing infrastructures, the digs required to lay the fibre will be reduced considerably, along with the consequent disturbance to locals and traffic. Again with a view to minimising the social-environmental impacts, the agreement also envisages the collaboration between TIM and the federated companies of UTILITALIA for shared design where new infrastructures need to be designed.

This initiative provides a further boost to the development of TIM’s optic fibre network across national territory already covered by  71%, with more than 17 million homes in around 2,100 municipalities, thanks to the major investments provided in the three-year period 2017-2019 amounting to around 11 billion euros in Italy, of which 5 dedicated exclusively to the development of fixed and mobile ultra-broadband.


Rome, 12 September 2017


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