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TIMpersonal, the innovative mobile banking solution from TIM in partnership with HYPE

A virtual free and prepaid card combining a financial product with mobile services

03/26/2018 - 11:30 AM

TIMpersonal is an innovative electronic money solution developed by Sella Group, allowing  TIM mobile customers to request a virtual prepaid Mastercard card free of charge via the dedicated App,  simply by taking a selfie for recognition purposes;  they then will be able to access the services to manage money and services via smartphone.

The App allows to check bank balances, make peer to peer payments, pay via smartphone  in the affiliated stores, and also make telephone top-ups.  Customers can also request a “physical” card to use for purchases in contactless mode and withdraw free of charge from any ATM in the world. 


The TIMpersonal card “powered by Hype” is the only prepaid card that allows the debit of TIM mobile offers and the Automatic Top-up service. In fact, customers can top up using another credit card or bank transfer and, for maximum security, can choose when to pause or reactivate it instantly from the App, or temporarily limit shopping - online or in physical shops - or disable cash withdrawals from ATMs. TIM also includes 1Gb of data traffic every month for the first year for those who use  TIMpersonal App to manage their card.


With TIMpersonal, the smartphone becomes a tool to enable the digital life in the Gigabit Society: it offers TIM customers a set of advanced and increasingly personalized services for a user experience based on a single, simple and immediate interface, to use their phone credit to buy tickets for public transport, parking, access limited traffic areas or recharge electric cars in many Italian cities.

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Rome, 26 march 2018



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