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TIM goes on air with the new 5G commercial on 31 December

"Use technology to travel with your imagination" is the claim behind the new advert featuring conductor Riccardo Muti

12/30/2019 - 01:30 PM

The story of the Mausoleum of Augustus is brought to life through the potential of 5G in the new TIM advert featuring conductor Riccardo Muti. The commercial will debut tomorrow evening right before President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella gives his traditional end-of-year speech.

A little girl accompanied by a special guide visits the archaeological site in the heart of Rome to discover the many “lives” of the Mausoleum's thanks to TIM's cutting-edge technology, 5G connection, a smartphone and a virtual-reality viewer. Mascagni's powerful La Cavalleria Rusticana plays in the background while augmented reality allows her to get immersed in the changes to the Mausoleum as they happen: from the burial site of Augustus and his descendants, to Italian garden of the Soderini family in 1500, to its transformation into the Amphitheatre Corea theatre site, until it converts into the Augusteo Auditorium in the 1900s, the largest symphony hall of its time hosting conducting greats such as Arturo Toscanini, Richard Strauss, Gustav Mahler and Pietro Mascagni.

History and imagination come together in the commercial through ground-breaking technology and Riccardo Muti who amuses his travelling companion with stories about the Mausoleum's exceptional history while ideally conducting the orchestra in the Auditorium. "Use technology to travel with your imagination" is the Maestro's message: with the potential of 5G we can now experience first hand what we could only dream of.

The commercial, created and edited by Luca Josi (TIM Brand Strategy, Media and Multimedia Entertainment Director), will air on the main TV channels, social networks, cinemas and LED systems in train stations in Rome and Milan, including the SenStation in Piazza Duca D'Aosta.

Rome, 30 December 2019


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