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TIM’s 5G platform for street safety

Exclusive live demos showcased at the 5GAA event in Turin: connected mobility for a safe and comfortable drive

11/14/2019 - 03:35 PM

TIM’s 5G is a key player at the event organised in Turin by 5GAA, the 5G Automotive Association that groups over 130 automotive and telco operators to develop solutions of connected mobility relying on state-of-the-art technologies.

Today, TIM showcased how its 5G Digital Business Platform – including also Edge Computing solutions – can add safety to our driving, especially for the most vulnerable ones: namely pedestrians and cyclists; reduce transfer times; improve cities’ sustainability. The bandwidth and extremely low latency of 5G allow in fact to manage huge data to alert drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and to street infrastructures about potential dangers along the streets, adding to a safer traffic.

The live demos have been developed by TIM in collaboration with the Municipality of Turin and other partners including Links Foundation and Luxoft within the city’s Smart Roads project: cameras and sensors along pedestrian crossings (Road Site Unit) connected to TIM’s 5G network communicate with nearby vehicles if a person is crossing the street; on board units (OBU) installed on bikes and on a vehicle communicate with each other through smartwatches and car displays to inform them about their respective location, increasing their attention.

TIM also showcased the Urban Georeferenced Alert developed together with the Municipality of Turin, FCA, Links Foundation, Politecnico di Torino, SWARCO and 5T. The solution shares useful traffic information such street maintenance works, traffic jams, speed limits with TIM’s 5G Digital Business Platform di TIM, that sends the information to the vehicle via 5G, allowing the driver to take the necessary measures.

Finally, on the Lingotto track, TIM’s 5G enabled services to share and use real time information to throw the driver in a not so far future, also using augmented reality applied to sensors.

TIM and the city of Turin are once again together in the path of technological innovation started in 2017 and confirmed with a memorandum of understanding signed last 1 August 2019 which allowed the city to establish itself as a European reference centre for digital technologies, a real open-air lab for 5G solutions.

Turin is also the city where TIM has its R&D centre, where the first 5G connection in Italy on a live network was tested using the first smartphone prototype and the first live demos of 5G services aimed at the public: automotive, drones, industry 4.0, digital tourism, Smart City, in addition to the first car with remote driving.


Turin, 14 November 2019



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