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TIM and Xiaomi join forces to bring 5G solutions and terminals to the Italian market

02/27/2019 - 11:05 AM

The stage is set at the international Mobile World Congress exhibition going on now in Barcelona for TIM and Xiaomi to announce their new wide-ranging collaborative agreement, which focuses on 5G and aims to accelerate the launch of 5G terminals and solutions in Italy.

5G and its potential will make a significant impact, especially in terms of transmission capacity, reduced latency and beam steering, enabling the development of new services in contexts like smart cities, public safety, Industry 4.0, entertainment and access to ultra broadband. This will also be achieved through advanced network paradigms (e.g. Fixed Wireless Access, FWA), which will drive the development of new business models that are increasingly innovative and digital.

“Our partnership with Xiaomi is further proof of the central role innovation plays at TIM and confirms our determination to lead the digital ecosystem. This commitment calls for advancing the availability of 5G services and terminals on the Italian market as early as we can with the goal of continuously offering our customers the most advanced technological solutions and guaranteeing them the best customer experience possible”, says Mario Di Mauro, Chief Innovation & Customer Experience Officer at TIM.

“We’re delighted to work with TIM so as to bring 5G innovation to Italy”, said Wang Xiang, Senior Vice President, Xiaomi. “Xiaomi has been working relentlessly to explore 5G solutions and we’re confident that this partnership with TIM will accelerate our efforts so Mi Fans in Italy can enjoy the benefits of 5G technology”.

According to the agreement, TIM will provide Xiaomi with technical know-how through the highly qualified resources at the company's research centre, where it has reached important milestones in the field of 5G. The company's partner ecosystem at its Innovation Hubs will also be made available.

Xiaomi will supply TIM with the necessary technical and management support during the development and certification phase of the 5G products. The companies will work together to define and prepare communication plans created specifically for the joint launch of the 5G services.

 Barcelona, 27 February 2019


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