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A2A and TIM: collaboration agreement for digital transformation and energy efficiency launched

A memorandum of understanding was signed enabling A2A to speed up its move towards the cloud and TIM to optimise Noovle’s Data Centre consumption in a sustainable manner

04/21/2021 - 12:00 PM

A2A and TIM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding bringing together the skills and technologies consolidated in their respective areas of excellence. The aim of the collaboration agreement is to accelerate the growth paths of the two companies respectively towards digital transformation and sustainable energy transition.

For the “Life Company” A2A, the agreement will enable it to make its digital transformation path even faster and more effective, optimising its operational and commercial processes thanks to the use of TIM Group's cloud, 5G and IoT services. TIM, through its company Noovle, the largest cloud and edge computing project in Italy, will provide innovative solutions based on the technology of its strategic partner Google Cloud, particularly in the area of integrated commercial business process management systems and data analysis to support business decisions, allowing A2A to become increasingly more data driven. The company will also be able to make use of the TIM Group's advanced 5G and IoT services for the development of projects and solutions in the Smart City field.

For TIM, the aim of the agreement will be to increase the energy efficiency of Noovle's Data Centres, making them increasingly green and sustainable by optimising consumption and using alternative energy sources. In this regard, A2A will offer TIM its experience in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies, using Artificial Intelligence technologies.

In particular, A2A will offer TIM services and technologies in line with the principles of circular economy, aimed, for example, at recovering the heat produced by the infrastructure to feed the free cooling/district heating system to be used in summer or winter months.

Within the framework of the agreement, solutions for energy storage, the provision of services and sale of recovered heat will be evaluated, with important benefits in terms of reduction of CO2 emissions.



Milan, 21 April 2021


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