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TIM to launch the first ‘5G Cloud network’ in Italy

The solution, using Noovle’s expertise, will be created in collaboration with Google Cloud and Ericsson and is based on the automation of Cloud-based applications

06/28/2021 - 11:11 AM

TIM, along with Noovle, the Group cloud company, has started creating the first ‘5G Cloud Network’ in Italy. The solution will lead to faster deployment of the 5G digital applications through the automation of industrial processes and the implementation of services in real time, thanks to EDGE Computing, based on specific requirements. The project will use TIM’s Telco Cloud infrastructure, Google’s Cloud solutions and Ericsson’s 5G Core network and Automation technologies.

In particular, the solution offers businesses - for instance those in the automotive and transportation sector – integrated innovative solutions capable of improving the efficiency of logistics and production processes, acting in collaboration with software developers. The ‘5G Cloud Network’ will be available close to companies’ premises, based on the customer’s specific requirements, in order to ensure the lowest latency possible. It also optimises the network services’ implementation time and related costs, in full compliance with data protection and in line with the strictest sector standards.

Thanks to the ‘5G Cloud Network’ companies that intend to adopt 5G services and connectivity will be able to use the ultrabroadband radio network (RAN) without needing to build the physical infrastructure of the core network at their logistics or production sites.


Rome, 28 June 2021



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