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TIM with EXOR International for the first 5g-connected factory

Verona hosts the very first connected Italian Smart Factory thanks to a private network enabling the development of new solutions in collaboration with Intel

06/25/2021 - 12:30 PM

EXOR International, producer of digital platforms for the industrial sector, specialised in Industrial IoT and Edge computing solutions, is the first Italian factory to be connected in 5G thanks to the private network developed by TIM.

This infrastructure - which uses the frequencies 3.7 GHz and 26GHz (millimetre waves) acquired by TIM in the Ministry of Economic Development tender - makes it possible to optimise the Smart Factory processes, exploiting the extremely low latency and top security and reliability that characterise the dedicated indoor coverages. This allows for interconnection, the exchange of large quantities of data and the remote monitoring of industrial plants, ensuring greater efficiency, as well as significantly improving the production cycle.

The EXOR International Smart Factory also uses Intel Artificial Intelligence technology and comprises a 5G laboratory in the plant, which enables the customer manufacturing companies to try out their own application in a private network, integrating them with existing solutions, offering better value for the market. It will be possible, for example, to try out the efficiency of 5G in fostering the communication of connected industrial robots. EXOR will open up part of the 5G laboratory and factory to companies to show the advantages of the latest network technologies and industrial IoT Edge solutions, which shift processing to the Customer’s production line.

Among the first applications of 5G technology and Artificial Intelligence made available respectively by TIM and Intel, EXOR will implement a pilot project to develop a visual quality inspection machine.


“We are proud to have developed the first private 5G network in Italy, alongside EXOR, one of the north-east’s most excellent manufacturers, which immediately grasped the potential of this solution. It is a network truly dedicated to business, which could optimise the Smart Factory 4.0 processes and benefit from the better performance offered by 5G”, Federico Rigoni, TIM’s Chief Revenue Officer, commented. “We intend to offer this model to all our customer businesses, starting from those present in the more than 140 industrial districts”.

“We have built this Smart Factory from the ground up to respond to a market that is demanding more and more answers in less and less time. ‘Digitisation’ and TIM’s 5G technology give us these answers” - Claudio Ambra, EXOR International’s Chief Technical Officer, commented. A context like ours just goes to show that digitisation can be implemented on any scale and this is particularly important for manufacturers, which need to be innovative and competitive on the market”.

“We are witnessing an acceleration in the adoption of Industry 4.0 by our customers, interested in understanding how 5G and AI can help them speed up their digital transformation”, declared Christine Boles, Vice President of the Internet of Things Group and Intel's General Manager of Industrial Solutions. “EXOR’s new smart factory is an excellent example of how the implementation of solutions based on standards with open architectures can help reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity and benefit from market opportunities”.


Verona, 25 June 2021



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