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TIM single sponsor at Sanremo giving away 365 days of travel around the world

An advert quiz with Amadeus every evening for a chance to win many prizes

Again this year, the TIM Data Room will analyse the ‘sentiment’ surrounding the event on social media while TIMMUSIC and TIMVISION will interview the competing artists

03/01/2021 - 02:30 PM

For the fifth year running, TIM is the single sponsor of the annual Italian music festival held in Sanremo and will be among the protagonists of the seventy-first song contest starting tomorrow under the artistic direction of Amadeus.

TIM will provide entertainment on the competition evenings with an innovative short quiz that will give TIM fixed and mobile consumer customers the opportunity to win numerous prizes every day and a fantastic final super-prize: a 365-day trip, in a suite, for four people on a round the world cruise with Costa Cruises to be enjoyed over 10 years. The winner will be declared on the final evening. The name will be proclaimed live, just before giving that of the winner of the Festival.

The game involves watching the adverts that will be broadcast during the Festival evenings, identifying the 'magic' letters highlighted in each video and entering them on the dedicated TIM website - - to compete for the draw. Every day, important prizes will be awarded, inspired by eco-sustainability: from hybrid cars to organic food products. Costa Smeralda too, the ship hosting the winner, is the first in the fleet powered by liquefied natural gas, the most advanced green technology in the maritime sector.

The commercials, which are set in the living rooms of 10 Italian families in Turin, Genoa, Rome, Pisa, Catania, Naples, Venice, Milan, Sanremo and Castel Del Monte, star Amadeus, who, like a modern day genie of magical devices, will appear in the respective homes to dance and have fun with the viewers to the beat of Mina’s song “Questa è TIM”.
On the final evening, a 120-second advert will describe the wonderful journey, as a prelude to the fantastic adventures that await the winner of the first prize.

Furthermore, once again this year the TIM Data Room, which analyses 'sentiment' on the web, will follow all the trends related to the Sanremo Festival: from guests to hosts, analysing the opinions expressed on social networks.

From today, TIMMUSIC’s social media channels will feature ‘Revealed’, the new format that some of the singers will use to answer the quick fire questions sent by fans. While TIMVISION will broadcast ‘Casa Comello’: presenter Lodovica will open the doors to her living room to meet some of the stars of this year's Festival and put them to the test with some entertaining challenges on the history of the event.  The podcasts and playlists of the two formats will be available on the  TIMMUSIC App.


Rome, 1 March 2021


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