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Noovle joins forces with the main european providers to create interoperable cloud services

The pan-European Lighthouse Structura-X project aims to define common requirements for the creation of certified infrastructural solutions compliant with the Gaia-X principles

02/18/2022 - 11:20 AM

Noovle, the TIM Group’s cloud company, has joined forces with the main providers in the pan-European Lighthouse Structura-X project, set up to define common requirements based on portability and interoperability, with the aim of offering certified infrastructural cloud services in line with the Gaia-X principles.

The TIM Group’s participation in this initiative, through Noovle, confirms its commitment to support the development and dissemination of the Gaia-X project to create a secure and reliable European infrastructure for sharing and accessing data, pursuing the goal of Digital Sovereignty.

Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, CEO of Noovle, stated: “Noovle will support Lighthouse Structura-X, in line with the actions taken so far to promote the spread and development of Gaia-X, actively participating in the construction of the Italian Hub. This initiative, like others that have already been launched, aims to define a new context of rules and relationships to foster the deployment of a sovereign European cloud, cohesive and capable of openly and transparently competing with the offer of the global hyperscalers.”  

In particular, the Lighthouse Structura-X project aims to involve providers already endorsing Gaia-X in order to promote the development of a new European federated cloud model to provide new intersectoral “dataspace” shared among the different countries facilitating collaboration in different sectors (such as Automotive, Mobility, Energy) through the adoption of technical and procedural requirements and shared ethical principles.

After Noovle, Atos,, DE-CIX, Deutsche Telekom, Engineering and TOP-IX, a number of other companies from ten European countries joined the initiative: AssoSoftware, City Network, Cloud&Heat, CS Group, CSI, Ebrc, Elmec, Fabasoft, International Data Spaces, Ionos, KPN, Luxinnovation, Mainstream, Next Layer, OpenNebula, OSISM, ThreeFold Tech, Tietoevry, United Group and Vivacom.


Rome, 18 February 2022


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