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TIM and Qualcomm collaborate to launch new 5G services for smart cities

Collaboration set to deliver 5G innovative millimeter-wave applications for more efficient city management and next-generation solutions for enhanced immersive experiences

10/10/2022 - 02:15 PM


TIM and Qualcomm Technologies Inc. are collaborating on the development of new smart city services enabled by 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) technology in selected Italian cities. The collaboration will enable innovative applications for the most efficient and sustainable management of cities and provide next-generation solutions to citizens such as immersive experiences at cultural events and live entertainment, with augmented and virtual reality services using 5G mmWave.

This technology guarantees optimal performance of compatible 5G devices thanks to mmWave’s broad bandwidth and ultra-low latency capabilities, thereby enabling 5G mmWave networks to simultaneously provide high quality content in Extended Reality (XR) to a large number of people equipped with the latest 5G devices. This feature is particularly notable in crowded places such as concerts, stadiums, museums, headquarters of companies and businesses, public squares and parks.

Aseries of initiatives will soon be launched that will allow TIM customers to live these new experiences by interacting with digital content in Extended Reality through a wide range of 5G mmWave devices, including smartphones, XR glasses and PCs.

These next-generation, high-definition digital solutions sited in the metaverse can be applied both in urban areas and in the context of Industry 4.0. Thanks to its low latency capabilities, 5GmmWave technology also ensures high performance and maximum safety for the future management of self-driving vehicles.

Elio Schiavo, Chief Enterprise and Innovative Solutions Officer of TIM

"The smart city market represents a high-potential area on which we are focusing and the agreement with Qualcomm is an important step forward. We are the only operator in Italy able to offer the Public Administration and citizens all the technologies necessary to accelerate the digital transition. We have positioned TIM in the market as the reference partner of choice, with innovative and secure ICT solutions. Thanks to our 5G and fiber connections combined with the Cloud, IoT and cybersecurity, we offer administrations the technological levers to compete and transform cities into more efficient and sustainable places."

Enrico Salvatori, SVP & President Qualcomm Europe

"This collaboration will allow TIM to offer premium experiences to consumers across Italy through a series of incredible 5G mmWave projects. This is an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate the ability of this technology to offer premium experiences and bring them into the hands of Italian consumers. 5G mmWave offers ultra-fast data rates, ultra-low latency for real-time interactivity, and huge network capacity, especially in high-density locations, where 5G mmWave fits naturally as a complement to 5G Sub6. It's an exciting collaboration and we're proud to be a part of it. We can't wait to see the projects that will be realized."

The availability of 5G mmWave networks in Europe will also facilitate the launch of next-generation devices.  The market for 5G mmWave devices is constantly expanding, and those available today that use Qualcomm Technologies include 5G mmWave smartphones, always-connected PC laptops, 5G mmWave FWA CPEs, and AR/VR smart glasses headsets.


Rome, 7 October 2022


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