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Olivetti enters the IT Software solutions and services market

The company presents a new range of services today in Ivrea that fully automates Enterprise and Government document management.
Range of services available on an “on demand” basis, optimizing costs and performance.

07/15/2009 - 12:00 PM

Olivetti today announces the launch of its new “Documentation Hub” digital corporate document management service, at an event held in Ivrea attended by Olivetti Chairman Francesco Forlenza and CEO Patrizia Grieco. Built around a document digitization and management platform, the new range of services is available on an “on demand” basis via Telecom Italia’s Data Centers. In practice, enterprises and government departments no longer have to set up dedicated IT infrastructure to be able to leverage high tech tools that optimize costs and performance.

The new solution offers companies a whole range of advanced services – including digital signatures and electronic storage – that are being introduced under legislation on paperless operations, allowing companies to take full advantage of these benefits.

This new initiative sees Olivetti entering the Italian Information Technology software solutions and services market. Document management accounts for around 10% of this market, which is worth a total of €15 billion. The “Documentation Hub” leverages a variety of solutions and scalable services to cater to a wide range of needs. The Documentation Platform offers electronic document management, storage and cataloguing; the Digital Storage solution provides digital storage that complies with legal requirements and ensures that documents remain legally and fiscally valid. In addition to document management, the new product provides access to business process management and automation, allowing enterprises to automate execution of in-house activities by configuring communication flows and approvals processes. The Olivetti Documentation Hub also offers access to Post Office services. Clients can digitize all incoming documents regardless of format, and then automatically forward them to clients, business partners and suppliers. The service makes it possible to send documents individually (on an “on demand” basis) or in batches through a variety of channels such as e-mail, hybrid mail, fax and text message. The Olivetti Documentation Hub also offers electronic invoicing, allowing clients to issue and receive electronic invoices over multiple channels (the web, mail, authenticated e-mail), inclusive of invoice storage. The platform supports all of the most commonly-used data exchange formats, and will be updated on a rolling basis to comply with changes in the legal framework, including the exchange of electronic invoices with government departments. The system also fully supports Electronic Documents, which, through the use of digital signatures, can be used to undertake legally-binding actions in a wholly digital form, including the option of document signature via cellphone.

Olivetti’s “Documentation Hub” offers enterprises and government departments an opportunity to easily access a low-cost, dedicated, on demand solution that is tailored to their specific requirements. Not only that: it is scalable, and designed to increase productivity by optimizing corporate processes.

 Olivetti (a 100 percent-owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia SpA) operates in the IT business, offering office products and solutions, specialist banking and retail applications, and IT systems for vertical markets. Olivetti products are distributed in more than 50 nations around the globe (especially in Europe and the Far East).

Ivrea, July 15, 2009