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Olivetti: Launch of the new Cloud Electronic Invoicing Solution

The service, available from today through the Olivetti Documental Hub platform, allows both the Public Administration and supplier businesses to adapt to the legislation that requires invoices to be digitized

03/17/2014 - 03:00 PM

Olivetti announces the launch of a new electronic invoicing solution that allows Italian businesses, as of now, to adapt to the legislation requiring Public Administrations to only accept and pay electronic invoices. This obligation starts from 6 June 2014 for ministries, tax agencies and social security organizations, and thereafter for the remaining public administrations.

This is one of the first services available on the Italian market in cloud mode and will allow businesses to quickly move over to the new digitized systems without having to provide specific resources and computer skills, thereby benefiting from an immediate reduction in costs also through the use of the “pay per use” model. 

The solution uses the assets and skills Olivetti has developed in the dematerialization field: based on the HDO – Hub Documentale Olivetti [Olivetti Documental Hub] platform, it combines the transformation of fiscal documents into electronic invoices with substitute archiving services and their sending via email, PEC (certified email system) or the Interchange System of the Revenue Agency.

The new electronic invoicing platform also includes a management dashboard which provides a complete overview, in real time, of the issuing of invoices and allows you to view the status of each (accepted, digitally signed, sent to recipient or incorporated in the substitute archiving system). It comes with a standard configuration that can be integrated with company processes but can also be customized based on the requirements of the business.

The Olivetti solution is aimed at both private companies and Public Administrations: in the first case it handles the billing documents as issued by the company management system or ERP, transforming them into electronic invoices and processing them in compliance with the regulations, as regards both invoicing  companies and Public Administration.  In the second case, it handles electronic invoices from the Exchange System of the Revenues Agency, places them in Storage pursuant to applicable regulations and delivers them to the Public Administrations in the format they are currently able to handle, allowing them to be ready for the upcoming deadlines set without having to resort to costly interventions on their systems. Specifically, the requirements on the certification of the date, authenticity of the originals and integrity of the content are guaranteed with the Olivetti solution, in compliance with the law, through the inclusion of a time reference and digital signature on each invoice. The «legibility of the invoice» over time and independently from the original format in which it was issued and stored is also guaranteed in accordance with the law.

Offered as part of the HDO suite through the direct channel and Olivetti dealers, as well as Telecom Italia's commercial network, the new service will also be made available as part of the cloud solutions of Telecom Italia's Italian Cloud [Nuvola Italiana].

“With this new solution, available on the market from today, Olivetti provides its know-how in paper dematerialization systems in order to support businesses and public administrations in the important shift to electronic invoicing”, states Paolo Crini, head of Product Line Applications and Software Solutions at Olivetti. “It also confirms its leadership as a provider of IT solutions capable of encouraging digitization processes essential for growth in terms of the efficiency and competitiveness of the entire national economy system”.


Olivetti (100% Telecom Italia SpA) operates in the ICT market. Thanks to its wide range of state of the art SW and HW products, it acts as a Solution Provider, offering solution that can automatic business processes and activities for SMEs, major companies and vertical markets. Olivetti has a commercial presence in over 50 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.


Milan, 17 March 2014


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