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Olivetti launches the all italian 3D digital printer

10/16/2015 - 11:20 AM

Olivetti (Telecom Italia Group) announces the launch of its first 3D printer, aimed at the small to medium enterprise sector.

By joining the up and coming market of 3D Printing, Olivetti has confirmed its new strategy in the Digital sphere, focusing specifically on driving the "Digital Manufacturing " sector.

The Olivetti 3D-S2 will be manufactured entirely in Italy, in the Canavese area, and all the technology used will be Italian. Developed jointly with Gimax, the Prato-based leader in industrial automation, the printer uses the potential of Arduino, the open source hardware and software platform from Ivrea which has revolutionised the world of manufacturing.

The Olivetti 3D-S2 printer, designed to industrial level mechanical and electronic quality standards, stands out for its  extreme flexibility in creating objects made of any thermoplastic material such as plastic, resin, nylon and even wood, glass, carbon and marble.  It offers a particularly extensive print area making it possible to also produce objects of significant size (up to 40x40x40 cm) at high speed, reducing manufacturing times for example of a prototype by up to 40%, and the relative costs by 60-70 %. Moreover, by availing of an open source system the printer does not require any additional technological investment.

Olivetti will support the SMEs interested in this new technology through its distribution and servicing network with over 400 dealers in Italy and 450 in Europe, also offering staff training programmes.  The company has placed the 3D printer at the centre of a new collaborative  platform for developing communities of interest by means of which the SMEs can access libraries of objects modelled in CAD_3D, ready to be used and "printed", benefiting from a significant reduction in project development and realization times of their products.  The interaction of this ecosystem, accessible in Cloud mode, with the dealer network will also make it possible to create dedicated 3D Printing Service Centres, where those SMEs not yet in possession of the printers can choose to delocalize their production.

"3D printing technology is establishing itself as an important instrument for the digitalisation of small and medium enterprises and especially for the transformation of the manufacturing industry.  We believe that Olivetti, faithful to that tradition of innovation which is part of its genetic make-up, can make a significant  contribution to the development of a whole new Made in Italy in a Digital interpretation, making its know-how and technological assets available to small to medium enterprises along with the support and assistance ensured by a ramified presence throughout the country”,says Riccardo Delleani, Olivetti's Chief Executive Officer.


Olivetti (100% Telecom Italia SpA) operates in the ICT market. Thanks to its wide range of state of the art SW and HW products, it acts as a Solution Provider, offering solutions that can automate business processes and activities for SMEs, major companies and vertical markets. Olivetti has a commercial presence in over 50 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, the Far East and Latin America.


Rome, 16 October 2015




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