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Olivetti Design Contest 2017: i vincitori

Six Winners and six Special Mentions the outcome of the Olivetti Design Contest 2017.

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo: “Jury pleasantly surprised by the solidity and freshness of the proposals” 

Presentation of the new “cash register 2.0” line, fruit of the 2016 edition of the Contest



04/11/2017 - 03:40 PM

Following on from the success of its first edition, the Olivetti Design Contest confirms also for 2017 its great commitment to design and the centrality of young people, values that for over a century have represented the pillars of the company together with innovation and experimentation. Based on the firm conviction that aesthetics is an essential force behind industry also, the Contest addresses students attending the principal European design institutes and universities. Twenty-eight the number of projects reaching the finals, involving a total of seventy-two students, proposing original ideas for the design and production of a business landline telephone and a 3D printer body.

The Jury, chaired by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo and composed of Silvana Annicchiarico, Director of the Triennale Design Museum; Emanuele Cappelli, designer; Elisabetta Colacchia, TIM Head of CEO Staff; Andrea Granelli, President of the Olivetti Historical Archives Association; Luca Josi, Tim Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy & Media; Federica Moroni, Olivetti Vice President Institutional and External Relations; Gerard Pogorel, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Management at ENST Télécom ParisTech; Giovanna Talocci, Vice President of ADI (Industrial Design Association), has selected the following winners from the projects examined: 

  • for the business telephone project, first prize of 2,000 Euro is awarded to “One” by Carlo Angrisani, Alessandro Consigli, Francesco Di Martino and Andrea Di Santo, students of RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts); second prize of 1,500 Euro is awarded to the project “S-17” by Olivia de Sury, student of IED Milan; third prize of 1,000 Euro goes to the project “Mirror” by Gino Pisano, Quiuxuan Wen and Zengjie Zheng of RUFA (Rome University of Fine Arts). The second placed project, “S-17” by Olivia de Sury, also received a Special Mention for the originality of the project;
  • for the 3D printer body project, first prize of 2,000 Euro is awarded to “O-Live” by Dominika Wasik, Eda Yalkin, Ishwari Dhadge, Johanna Soto and Vedanti Joshi, students of the Domus Academy; second prize of 1,500 Euro goes to the project “Unibody” by Miguel Lόpez Gil, student of EASD Valencia (Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València); third prize of 1,000 Euro goes to the project “Ghost” by Francesco Barberini, Marco Miozzi, Mattia Zaccara, Pasquale Fazio and Luca Cavassa of IED Milan.

The Jury considered appropriate attribution of five Special Mentions for the quality of the communications project to: “O-Live” by Dominika Wasik, Eda Yalkin, Ishwari Dhadge, Johanna Soto and Vedanti Joshi, students of the Domus Academy; “Easyone” by Konstantin Berner, Aman Bhayana, Da sol Cho, Nina Grubisic and Eunji Lee, students of Domus Academy; to project “Module O” by Nabila Ahmed, So-Hyeon Choi, Ardea Krasniqi and Victor Rosas of Domus Academy; to project “Nonstop!” by Rachabadin (Kevin) Sirinarinthon, Neele Buddhadev and Thomas Radwanski; and to project “3D printer body” by Isaac Cores Irago of EASD Valencia (Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny de València).

Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President of the Jury, commented: “I have been pleasantly surprised by this experience both by the excellent level of the proposals evaluated - in spite of the difficulty of the themes to be affronted - and by the high quality of the presentations and communications skills used for presenting these complex innovative projects. I believe it is true to say that the freshness and enthusiasm transpiring from the works of the students have inspired all members of the Jury, very attentive and actively engaged, with whom I have had the pleasure of collaborating on this occasion”.

Coherent with the stated purpose of the competition and the company tradition of openness to innovation, Olivetti is delighted to announce that it is presenting at this very time the “entry level” model of the new cash register 2.0 based on the project and contribution of Cem Yilmaz – previously a student at the NABA (Nuova Accademia Belle Arti) of Milan – one of the winners of the Olivetti Design Contest 2016.  This is the first model of the new line of Olivetti new-generation connected cash registers, the launching of which will be, over the next months, followed by the whole range. 


Olivetti, heritage brand of Italian industry, constitutes today the digital pole of the Tim Group - its controlling shareholder. With a wide offer of state-of-the-art HW and SW products, Olivetti is a Solution Provider offering solutions for the automation of the business activities and processes of SMEs, large companies and vertical markets. Levering on an expertise matured in the Machine to Machine, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and advanced multi-channel sectors, Olivetti today has outstanding competencies in the field of digital innovation. Olivetti is commercially active in over 50 countries worldwide, primarily in Europe, the Far East and South America.

More information on www.olivetti.com


Rome, 11 April 2017


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