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“MADE IN ITALY” FOR SCHOOL Olivetti and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale present “Didactics 4.0” at the New York Maker Faire

From IoT educational environments to mobile and self-produced labs and 3D printers, Olivetti and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will participate in the Sept. 23-24 exhibition at the New York Hall of Science that will showcase educational projects, products and environments to promote a more innovative, collaborative and transformative school. Olivetti will introduce ORobot 101, a robotic kit for makers and programmers, while the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will present its Phyrtual Innovation Gym Model for the first time in the United States, the model has already been successfully tested in over 120 Italian schools

09/18/2017 - 10:30 AM

The New York Maker Faire (Sept. 23-24) will present a modern school, that capitalizes on digital innovation and meets the requirements of 4.0 students. Olivetti and the Fondazione Mondo Digitale, selected by the Italian Agency for the Foreign Promotion and Internationalisation of Italian Enterprise as part of the extraordinary plan to promote “Made in Italy,” will showcase a new educational model capable of integrating education with the skills sought by the labour market and prepare students for new and constantly evolving professions.

In particular, Olivetti will present ORobot101, a new robotic kit developed with 3D printers to promote education on new technology in Italy. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, the kit combines the power of Cloud Robotics with the versatility of digital devices to introduce young students to coding and making. In fact, “ORobot 101” allows students not only to learn new programming languages and come into contact with the community of developers, but also provides them with the opportunity to acquire skills in digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping that will allow them to self-produce the robotic components with a 3D printer.

The Fondazione Mondo Digitale will introduce the Phyrtual Innovation Gym Model – augmented physical and virtual learning environments - that enrich education with hands-on digital and transversal competences. The first Phyrtual Innovation Gym was opened in Rome, Italy in 2014. Today, there are over 120 Phyrtual Innovation Gyms in Italian schools, which are all members of the Phyrtual Innovation Gym Network for the experimentation of innovative educational strategies.

In New York, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale will present “Kit Cut,” an original research project for schools that promotes the contamination of traditional subjects with custom-tailored learning models based on the sharing knowledge economy: from open source files for the creation of smart classroom furnishings to laser-printer-produced kits for the creation of robots and digital didactic tools for any subject from history to geometry.

Italy will present a new school, based on the Life Education Model, which can effectively provide solutions to the needs of the labour market and transform young students of all ages into the protagonists of change.


Rome, 18 September 2017


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