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Olivetti celebrates italian design excellence at the Expo 2020 Dubai

Style, beauty and technology are at the core of the “Olivetti Design Talks” event in the Italy Pavilion

11/08/2021 - 11:45 AM

Design and technology by Olivetti – a historical brand of Italian industry and now a Digital factory for the IoT solutions of the TIM Group – united under the banner of beauty, were the focus of the “Olivetti Design Talks for Expo Dubai 2020” event held today in the Amphitheatre of the Italy Pavilion at the World Expo.

As the Official Platinum Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion, the TIM Group brings the innovation and technologies of its companies - Olivetti, Sparkle, Telsy and Noovle - describing the commitment each of them is making to promote digitisation, innovation and the capacity to connect people.

The talk was introduced by Gaetano Adolfo Maria di Tondo, Communication &  External Relations Director at Olivetti and President of the Olivetti historical archive association, Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, and Pier Paolo Peruccio, Professor at the Politecnico di Torino and board member of the World Design Organization, who moderated a round table discussion with speeches by Tommaso Mosconi, CEO of IO.T Solutions, Francesco Zurlo, President of and director at ADI – Italian Association for Industrial Design, Mohammed Balila, Architect, Alessandro Colombo, Architect, and Walter Mariotti, Editorial Director, Domus.

With talks by experts and sector representatives, the event - which is part of the Dubai Design Week held from 8 to 12 November - celebrates the excellence and contemporaneity of “Olivetti Style”, describing how it has always combined design and technology, creating innovative solutions that place people’s needs centremost.

In particular, the extraordinary episode of the “Olivetti Design Talks”, a successful educational format, highlighted how the value of design has always been fundamental for Olivetti and how today, in a world undergoing continuous change, the creation of cutting-edge products and services retains the force of its original message as it looks to the future.

An example is SINTESI, the first smart work station for the home and office, which provides an integrated and connected work experience designed to respond to the need for new balance in daily life.

Developed together with Tecno, this innovative solution won the SMAU Innovation Award by interpreting the work environment in the most up-to-date ways and anticipating future needs thanks to an ergonomic seat, a super-equipped work station and an app that manages the entire “ecosystem” created by IO.T Solutions.

The talk also explored the role of design even in evolutionary forms of design thinking and the digital user experience in the present and future pathway linked to the development of people in Smart Communities, focusing on teaching that can be drawn on to apply this set of values to the contemporary society.

Gaetano di Tondo, Communication & External Relations Director at Olivetti and President of the Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti, pointed out how “Beauty brings people together and makes communities more liveable, also through new sustainable and inclusive digitisation paths. Olivetti’s evolution continues under the banner of excellence, combining design, technology and the centrality of people, in line with its history, enhanced each day with digital and innovative methods by the Association.”


Olivetti, a historic brand of Italian industry and Digital Factory for the TIM Group's IoT solutions, operates on the domestic and international markets as a renewed, evolving company, centring its activities around the generation of value for its customers. Thanks to its wide range of cutting-edge products and services, it combines leadership in the retail and office segments with consolidated experience in the Internet of Things, storage and proximity data processing systems and advanced wired, wireless and Machine-to-Machine connectivity sectors. Its distinctive expertise in business enablement is implemented through digital evolution and innovation with a portfolio of solutions aimed at the business market (B2B, B2B2C, B2C, B2G) exploiting the enabling technology provided by TIM Group's fixed and mobile network, and in particular by 5G technology.

Besides offering solutions for the Internet of Things, Olivetti is also the Digital Payment Service Provider of the Group, thanks to its increasing presence in the digital payments sector. In retail payments, for example, it has a consolidated position in the ‘merchant’ segment, a sector which has been facing an important process of digital transformation.


Dubai / Ivrea, 8 November 2021


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