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Sparkle launches liveConnect, the all-in-one platform designed to improve communication between companies and their ecosystems

The new solution provides corporations and operators with an innovative and simple way to communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees

02/28/2018 - 06:00 PM

Sparkle, the international service arm of TIM Group and among top 10 global operators, announces the launch of liveConnect, a real-time all-in-one platform that enables a simple two-way web communication between companies and their stakeholders, customers, suppliers and employees.

The latest outcome of Sparkle’s efforts to enrich its portfolio of ICT solutions, liveConnect, addresses a wide market segment. In fact, it caters the needs of enterprises and operators looking for an innovative and smart solution for their Customer Care, as well as the needs of companies that aim to simplify the relationship between their own end-customers such as financial and booking agents or to enhance communication with their employees or third-party technicians working on the field.
liveConnect is also available to partners such as System Integrators, ISP and service providers that wish to enrich their existing service portfolio.

liveConnect allows end-customers to start a voice call or an instant message through a simple click, connecting them with the right contact point and solve their queries instantly through sharing images, files or audio notes.

The solution offers a back-end platform that can be customized and integrated into existing customers’ tools. Users can access liveConnect via a PC just clicking on a widget on the website or through a specific mobile application.

In addition, there is also an admin dashboard that collects relevant info such as call history and user footprint which allows customers to manage communication flow and monitor user behaviors.

liveConnect is offered in partnership with M800, a leading Communication Platform as a Service provider that offers solutions to enhance communication through a globally distributed architecture.

About Sparkle
Sparkle is TIM Group’s fully owned Global Operator and among top #10 international service providers worldwide. Through its backbone of around 560,000 km of fiber spanning from Europe to Africa, the Americas and Asia, Sparkle offers a full range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Centre, Mobile Data and Voice solutions to fixed and mobile operators, Internet Service Providers, Media and Content Players, as well as Multinational Enterprises. Its sales force is active worldwide and distributed in 36 countries.
Find out more about Telecom Italia Sparkle at

About M800 Limited
M800 is the global leader and first-choice OTT communication solutions and international pioneer of CPaaS-based solutions–defining the next generation of a module-based, cross-compatible mobile internet solution. M800 solutions–voice, video, messaging and security–developed by cloud computing models across infrastructure, platform and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), solve the toughest global communication problems faced by corporations.

Presently, M800 provides rapid implementations of carrier-grade solutions with strict SLA in security and reliability. To achieve this, a unified platform of telecommunications and IT is built, transcending multiple layers–from application, network to platform. Our globally distributed network is realized to meet and exceed industry standards of real-time communication–smart content delivery, intelligent routing and minimal latency–while supporting sophisticated thirdparty integrations. This architecture reflects our long-term vision–supporting data capturing for big data, artificial intelligence and advanced blockchain security for user identification–components we believe are vital for businesses that have or will attain mass adoption.

M800 solutions - the communication SDKs, white-label communication app and the live customer service platform–liveConnect has seen massive adoption across all types of enterprises from startups to global MNCs.

Rome, 28 February 2018


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