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TIM: Alessandro Pansa appointed new Chairman of TI Sparkle S.p.A.

He will also be Group advisor on Cybersecurity and “Golden Power”

05/13/2019 - 06:40 PM

TIM announces that on 15 May 2019 Alessandro Pansa will join the Board of Directors of the TI Sparkle S.p.A. subsidiary and becomes its Chairman.

Thanks to the experience he has acquired in his senior management career within public security institutions, Pansa will also act as TIM’s Advisor on issues relating to the Organisation of Security in terms of Italian “Golden Power” legislation. He will also make a major contribution in defining the initiatives that TIM intends to implement to reinforce its Cybersecurity controls for the company and its customers.

Alessandro Pansa began his career in the Italian State Police in 1975 as Deputy Commissioner for Public Security, taking on various responsibilities over the years, before becoming Director of the State Police Central Operational Service in 1996.

Appointed prefect in 2000, taking on the role of Central Director of “Special” Police Operations (Road, Rail, Border and Post & Communications), in 2003 he took on responsibility for the Central Directorate of Immigration and Border Police for the Ministry of the Interior.

He was appointed Deputy General Director of Public Security (Deputy Chief of Police) in 2005 as well as Central Director of Criminal Police (Criminalpol). In 2007 he was appointed Prefect of Naples by the Council of Ministers and in 2010 Director of the Department for Internal and Territorial Affairs at the Ministry of the Interior.

In 2013 the Council of Ministers appointed him Chief of Police – General Director of Public Security and from 2016 to 2018 he headed the DIS (Security Intelligence Department).

He graduated in Law from the “Federico II” University of Naples.

CV attached.

Rome, 13 May 2019 



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