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Together for a sustainable future

We want to build a better future, in which everyone can seize the opportunities of the digital world, technologies favor the circulation of sustainable lifestyles, in a protected environment.

In order to achieve this, we develop projects concerning the digital world, technology and environment.
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Gestione sostenibilità

Sustainability management

Our governance system includes two committees focused on sustainability: one committee is inside the Board of Directors, chaired by TIM Chairman and characterised by consultative functions; the other committee has more managerial functions and is chaired by our CEO, with the task of strengthening sinergies among technological, business and staff departments within the group companies. 

By means of our sustainability report we communicate our environmental and social performances, fully transparent towards our stakeholders.

Raccolte fondi

Solidarity fundraising

We contribute to the development of the community and the territory in which we operate by providing tools for solidarity purposes and promoting social, cultural and educational initiatives. 

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Detailed information

Details on activities, initiatives and projects of our company.    
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