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ESG targets and results

We have conceived the ESG targets of our 2023-2025 Industrial Plan and the realization projects on four macro areas:

  • environmental protection
  • digital growth of Italy 
  • enhancement of employees skills 
  • governance strengthening.

In the 2022-2024 Plan, we have set 12 specific and measurable targets, 5 for the Group and 7 for the Italy perimeter, which give substance to our commitments.

In the 2023-2025 Plan, we made some changes to consider the 2022 performance, and we aligned the main targets to 2025 to ensure a more homogeneous reading, net of long-term objectives.

Main 2022 ESG results

In Italy, in 2022, we implemented more than 40 projects that allowed us to record progress against Plan targets and achieve important results in the environmental, social, and governance fields. Below are some of the main results.

2022 environment results


- successfully managed growth in Data Center traffic through infrastructure efficiency interventions

- shutdown of the 3G mobile network resulting in savings of approximately 20 GWh

- more than 900 TIM suppliers on the Open-es platform to create an ecosystem of sustainable partners

- alliance with the European Green Digital Coalition to promote the role of digitalization in reducing CO2 emissions

- accession to the international initiative Eco Rating to measure the environmental impact of smartphones

2022 social results


- 94.5 % of TIM’s fixed customer’s in Italy reached by FTTH/FTTC; 76.4% in white areas

- more than 99% of the national population covered by 4G network and 388 municipalities reached with 5G

- launched the first 10Gbps quality offer available on the Italian market

- "Connected Schools" and "Connected Health" rojects financed by the PNRR for a total of 6 lots and approximately 177 million euros

- establishment of the National Strategic Hub, with Leonardo, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, and Sogei to promote the digitization of Italian Public Administrations

- Olivetti becomes the second Benefit Corporation of TIM Group after Noovle and Mindicity (already Benefit upon acquisition)

2022 governance results


- starting digitization of the ESG reporting process

- adjustment of the materiality process and non-financial reporting to the new GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards

- implementation of European Taxonomy according to the modalities provided by European working table