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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

TIM Group has decided to give priority to those activities in which its own know-how and expertise can give added value to the community.
Notwithstanding this, as a major company, we cannot shirk from supporting important social causes, even if they are remote from its own business. Indeed, it has always supported initiatives aimed at meeting the needs of society and, for this reason, in December 2008, the Telecom Italia Foundation (now TIM Foundation) was established.

In line with that purpose, the two main areas of intervention as regards investment in the community are the following:

  1. voluntary activities consistent with the Group's core business (associated with the provision of ICT services) ;
  2. activities aimed at the general development of the community (principally, the activities of the TIM Foundation).

The objectives of the interventions consistent with the core business are:

  • to increase the Digital Inclusion in society through the dissemination of knowledge and the use of communication technologies among civil society, with special attention paid to those sectors suffering discrimination for individual or social reasons. Examples of activities carried out by the Group with this aim are technological innovation in schools, technology exhibitions, science festivals etc.;
  • to meet the requirements and needs demonstrated by the Community through the use of company know-how. This includes the “SMS solidali” [solidarity text messages] and other fund raising initiatives in which the Group makes available infrastructure, customer care and other operational sectors, as well as initiatives to develop solutions for people with disabilities, the sick, the elderly and minors.

Activities aimed at the general development of the community include initiatives and projects without a direct connection with the services and products provided by the Group. Examples of these activities include the projects in Brazil for the social inclusion of children living in squalor, initiatives in support of the fight against disease, support for associations which combat organised crime, educational projects fostering respect for the environment, cultural initiatives to safeguard the artistic heritage etc.

Fondazione TIM: listening and intercepting needs, supporting innovation

The Foundation enables the Group to concentrate and strengthen its commitment to the community, with the main aim of improving people's quality of life, pursuing its objectives through the allocation of contributions to initiatives proposed by non-profit organizations and associations.

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