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TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

CHARITYIntermittent support to a wide range of good causes in response to the needs and appeals of community organisations, increasingly through partnerships between the company, its employees, customers and suppliers.

Donations to national/international organisations not based on a specific medium/long term programme.

Sponsorship of causes or events, not part of a marketing strategy.

Company matching of employee giving and fund-raising.

Costs of supporting and promoting employee involvement.

Costs of facilitating giving by customers and suppliers.

COMMUNITY INVESTMENTSLong-term strategic involvement of the company to address a limited range of social causes.

Memberships and subscriptions.

Grants and donations based on a specific medium/long term programme.

INITIATIVES IN THE COMMUNITYActivities usually carried out by commercial departments to support directly the success of the company, also in partnership with humanitarian organisations.

Sponsorship of events, publications and activities promoting brand or corporate identity.

Cause Related Marketing, promotional sales.

Support to scientific and University research and to humanitarian organisations.

Care for consumers with special needs.

Civil Protection activities.