TIM Green

A set of initiatives to improve the environmental efficiency of our products, from the use of sustainable materials to the reduction of energy consumption. Read more

Latest press releases

Read the latest press releases and search the archives of TIM Group's Press Office.

TIM and LGBT+ people: the road to inclusion

Our presence at the Pride events, our collaboration with Parks, Valentina' story , LGBT+ wife and mother. Read more

Living in the cloud with TIM

Cloud computing allows anyone to access maximum potential in processing power, paving the way for endless applications. Read More

Our relations with shareholders

We develop and manage relations with all our shareholders:
institutional investors (including SRI);
retail investrors (including small shareholders' associations);
equity and credit analysts.

Their shared expectations - together with the certainty of a prompt and comprehensive response to their requests for information - relate to:

  • confirming the objectives reported to the financial market through the strategic plan;
  • strengthening the Group's position in the markets in which it operates.

The Investor Relations team also considers the expectations expressed by each stakeholder category, and in particular:

Institutional and retail investorsPositive financial and operational performance by the company
Positive total shareholder return (stock market performance of the shares and dividends distributed)
Good reputation of the Group's brands
Involvement in the Group's activities and initiatives
Socially responsible investorsAttention paid to the social and environmental impacts of the company's business and to the Group's governance
Positive total shareholder return
Good reputation of the Group's brand
Bondholders and credit analystsStability of the yield from the investment
Certainty of repayment of the debt at maturity
Improvement of creditworthiness
Financial analystsPositive financial and operational performance by the company
Direct contact with Investor Relations in order to obtain detailed information promptly
Contact with the Group's Top Management as an opportunity for a more detailed examination of matters relevant to the Group's business