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The 2015 Multi-stakeholder Forum was all about the future

Digitalization, social innovation, digital culture and environmental protection are core elements of TIM’s Corporate Shared Value strategy.

12/02/2015 - 09:41 AM

Representatives from institutions, associations and businesses participated in the event, comparing and contrasting important strategic themes for the future of the 2.0 society.

Connectivity and digitalization, digital administration at the service of citizens, quality services for clients and environmental protection: these are the central themes of the latest TIM’s Multi-stakeholder Forum, held in Rome in the presence of preeminent business and public institution leaders. The core objective of the symposium was to showcase TIM’s new Corporate Shared Value strategy, which aims at creating and implementing innovative projects capable of enhancing the Group’s business worth and, at the same time, society’s social value.

Understanding stakeholders’ needs

Among the Forum’s primary objectives was, without any doubt, TIM’s intent to be better attuned to its stakeholders’ needs and requirements. To this end, the Forum served as the platform for exchange and for lending a voice to all participants, by gathering contributions and innovative proposals, while also beginning to plan solutions for the near future. The round-table discussions in which 32 among the primary stakeholders that gravitate around TIM’s universe partook, allowed to pinpoint which ones, among the projects currently under review, will be further developed in the future. TIM will focus intensely on some emerging themes that center upon Internet safety, digitalization of small- and medium-businesses, solutions for optimizing energy consumption, intelligent home management, dissemination of digital culture, as well as environmental protection, connectivity issues efforts, and social innovation in support of corporate business and Public Administration activities in their innovative digitalization efforts.

The event and the future               

The Rome Forum served as center stage for complementary events centering upon a variety of themes that represent TIM’s stakeholders’ innovation needs. Radio 24’s Maurizio Melis skillfully kept the event’s pace, giving ample room to Marcella Logli, Head of TIM’s Corporate Shared Value Division, who introduced the participants to the guidelines of the CSV strategy before concluding the event and inviting the audience to participate in next year’s edition. Not for nothing, the Multi-stakeholder Forum wants to be for TIM an annual appointment where all those who share an interest in the Group’s strategy can meet, exchange ideas and be involved for the purpose of cooperating on projects that are financially and socially fruitful.

Just a few numbers on this Forum

32 stakeholders involved

Representatives of institutions



Academic world

Start-up businesses


TIM’s suppliers

6 round tables

Digitalization and connectivity: prospective for the country’s system

Digitalization and connectivity: impact on growth and innovation

Digital administration at the citizens’ service

Digital culture

Environmental protection

Quality services for clients

54 proposals on the following themes

Digital culture

Environmental protection

Digitalization, connectivity and social innovation

Stakeholders’ engagement

of which 8 are currently under review

Network coverage was confirmed as the most relevant theme for the stakeholders.

Round tables documents (in Italian)

Connectivity - prospectives

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Connectivity - impacts

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Digital culture

923 KB

Environmental protection

770 KB

Quality services

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