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We are working towards 'zero-emissions' and maximum efficiency in the use of resources.

We aim to achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2030 and Net Zero by 2040.
To achieve these goals

  • we limit our consumption of energy and other resources
  • we accelerate the use of green energy
  • we apply circular economy criteria to our offer and business processes and activities
  • we promote a sustainable supply chain.

In 2022, the Science Based Targets initiative validated our climate strategy, confirming its consistency with the goal of keeping global warming within 1.5°C, as set by the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Greenhouse gas emissions

We measure our Group's CO2 emissions by applying the 'GHG Protocol', which distinguishes between direct emissions (Scope 1) and indirect emissions of different types (Scope 2, Scope 3).

In 2023, our direct emissions from fossil fuel consumption for heating and trigeneration systems in exchanges and data centres, and for generators and the company car fleet (Scope 1) decreased by 8% from 2022 and by 32% from 2019. Our indirect emissions from the purchase of electricity for infrastructure and offices (Scope 2) decreased by 32% from 2022 and by 64% compared to 2019.
Emissions related to the purchase of products and services, the purchase of capital goods and the use of products sold (Scope 3) increased slightly (+8%), due to higher spending on energy and raw materials in Italy.

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Energy efficiency

Voice and data traffic on our fixed and mobile lines and in our data centres continues to grow, but by using technology to improve infrastructure performance. In 2023, we continued to countain the increase in total energy consumption for fuel, gas and electricity despite the growth in fixed and mobile voice and data traffic and data centre activity. In one year, our eco-efficiency increased by 13% in Italy and by 28% in Brazil.

We have decommissioned or streamlined some industrial sites, bringing positive results in terms of energy savings, and optimised the running costs and reduced the fuel consumption of the more than 11,600 vehicles in our company fleet.
We have also offset the greenhouse gas emissions of the Group's main commercial and institutional websites, while also supporting "The Envira Amazonia REDD+" forest conservation project in Brazil to protect biodiversity. 

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We increasingly purchase renewable energy, with the goal of achieving 100% green electricity by 2025.
In 2023, green electricity procurement covered 72% of the total electricity purchased by the Group. In Italy, the percentage is up to 65% while in Brazil it will be 100% by 2021.

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Renewable energy sources

In 2023, our efforts to increase the use of renewable energy have involved working on both purchasing and self-production, in Italy and Brazil. In Italy, we took steps to protect ourselves from price fluctuations by implementing a new nine-year Power Purchase Agreement for the supply of approximately 200 GWh/y of green energy for the 2023-2031 period. The deal complements the agreement already signed in 2021 for the supply of 340GWh/y for 10 years, for a total supply of 540GWh/y. We also signed an agreement with Enel X for the installation of a new photovoltaic plant in Pisa with an estimated output of more than 1.6 GWh/y from 2024, complementing the self-production activity of 80 photovoltaic plants already in operation.

For Noovle data centres, offices, TIM shops and Sparkle plants in Italy, we purchase 100% renewable energy.

In Brazil, we have purchased over 360 GWh of renewable energy from free and captive markets and have over 100 self-production plants, mainly solar, which have produced over 276 GWh/y of renewable electricity.

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The circular economy and resource efficiency

In Italy, we measure our waste recycling ability via the 'Circular Economy Ratio', an indicator showing the ratio between the average unit revenue from the resale of discarded waste, materials and equipment and the kg of waste produced. In 2023 we improved our performance over 2022 by € 0.15 per kg, and, with a ratio of € 0.45 per kg, we realised resale revenue of more than € 3 million.

We have recovered company furniture, equipment and mobile phones for internal reuse or donation to non-profit organisations: this resulted in -323t of waste thanks to regeneration and reuse of assets and -3,614 tCO2eq, equal to about 405 car trips around the planet. On another front we have recovered value through the resale of equipment and network materials. The positive outcomes include the resale of 700 tonnes of copper cables, generating total revenue of about € 1.8 million.

We have cut down the consumption of natural resources such as water and materials such as paper and plastic to reduce waste and encourage sustainable behaviour: in 2023, paper consumption decreased by 29% compared to 2019.

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TIM Green

Our touch points, including our 200-plus proprietary outlets, offer our customers environmentally friendly purchasing options such as refurbished smartphones or services such as 'Tim Rivaluta Smartphone', a service allowing customers to return their old smartphone for the purchase of a new one with the recovery or sustainable disposal of the old device.

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Our Sustainable Supply Chain

We implement sustainable development paths with our suppliers by applying ESG control measures at all stages of the procurement process.

In addition to defining the criteria for access to our supplier group and setting procurement guidelines for tenders and contracting, we support suppliers on their ESG improvement path by conducting screening and assessment activities to build competencies and carry out corrective actions.
More than 1,000 TIM suppliers are registered on Open-es, the platform for sustainable business development.

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Employee mobility

Since 2021, we have been collecting data on the travel habits of our colleagues in order to increase sustainable travel options and to implement mobility management initiatives. In 2023, the ideas gathered allowed us to optimise the shuttle service for hard-to-reach locations and to extend the carpooling service to new company locations, particularly in Naples, Rome, Florence, Milan and Turin.

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In 2023, we launched a project to safeguard biodiversity across the country in cooperation with Rete Clima: in Rome, at the Aguzzano Urban Regional Park, we planted 540 new plants and shrubs with the help of 150 TIM employees and their families and friends, aiming to boost environmental protection and bring benefits to the community.

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