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Circular economy and resource efficiency

We adopt processes to avoid waste and transform it into value.


Waste reduction and valorization

The company’s environmental impact also depends on responsible use of products and materials, waste reduction, and their transformation into economic resources. To measure our ability to transform waste into value, we have introduced the “Circular Economy Ratio”, an index that relates revenues from waste recovery and resale of unused goods and materials to the total waste production(1). In 2022, the indicator reached a value of 0.3€/kg, an increase of 0.26€/kg compared to 2021, thanks to lower waste production and an increase in the resale of waste and unused goods, which generated 2.4 million euros in revenues (2 million euros more than in 2021).

(1) The reference scope for the calculation of the Circular Economy Ratio includes the following companies: TIM SpA, Sparkle Italia, TIM Digital Services, Noovle and Olivetti.

Our waste production shows a variable trend over time linked to the cyclical nature of some activities such as the decommissioning of network infrastructures and data centers or office reorganization. However, the percentage of products and materials sent for recovery remains high and stable. Our commitment is to strengthen the control of the production chain. That’s why, in 2022, we reviewed the main waste management contracts, requiring our suppliers to have EoW (End of Waste) certification and a report with evidence of the percentage of recycled waste.

Attention to resource consumption

We reduce the consumption of natural resources such as water and materials such as paper and plastic to contain waste and promote sustainable behaviors in the Company.