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FACILE DESIGN Cordless Phone

The new FACILE DESIGN cordless phone, manufactured by Motorola, has been designed and manufactured applying guidelines aimed at reducing its environmental impacts, both from the point of view of the energy consumption, and with reference to the final disposal at the end of its useful life.

The main "eco-friendly" features of FACILE DESIGN are the following:

  • by activating the  «ECO» and «ECO Plus» modes, energy savings up to 99% compared with a similar older generation product can be achieved;
  • the battery charging phase is managed through an «intelligent charging» procedure that prevents energy from being wasted when the device is fully charged;
  • the shell is made of homogeneous plastic material; the single parts of the shell are made using 10% to 38% recycled materials;
  • the packaging is made of non-plasticized carboard that contains up to 20% recycled materials and is compliant with the FSC «Forest Stewardship Council, Chain of custody certification scheme”.