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FACILE SMILE Olivetti cordless phone

The new Telecom Italia FACILE SMILE cordless phone by Olivetti has been designed and manufactured applying rules and solutions aimed at reducing its environmental impacts, both from the point of view of the energy consumption, and with reference to the final disposal at the end of its useful life.

The main features that contribute to reducing FACILE SMILE’s environmental footprint are the following:

  • in the use phase, this cordless phone consumes about 38% less energy than a previous model with the same functionalities, and this in turn corresponds to avoiding the same percentage of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 equivalent);
  • the plastic material used for the housing is homogeneous and recyclable;
  • the product has been designed for easy disassembling at the end of its useful life,  allowing to easily separating all the plastic parts from the electronics;
  • the packaging is mono-material to ease the disposal phase;
  • the cardboard used as packaging material is not plasticized and 50% recycled.