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Decoder TIMvision con Android TV™

The new TIMvision decoder with Android TV™ offered to residential customers allows access to interactive multimedia services with a new interface, integrated DTTV, enhanced Wi-Fi, 4k support, Google Play apps and new functionalities for enhanced user experience.

The main features that contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the TIMvision decoder with Android TV™ are the following:

  • on a yearly basis it consumes, on average, 64% less energy compared with a previous generation product;
  • the energy consumption has been minimized to meet the requirements of the voluntary European Code of Conduct for Digital TV Service Systems;
  • it is equipped with a highly energy-efficient power supply (more than 84%);
  • the shell is manufactured with homogeneous and recyclable plastics;
  • the plastic shell weight has been reduced by 74% in comparison with the previous generation product;
  • thanks to the application of eco-design rules the disassembly time has been reduced, thus making end of life management easier;
  • the paper and cardboard parts of the package are recyclable.