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TIM Gamepad Bluetooth

TIM Bluetooth Gamepad is the TIM-certified controller for playing with all content of TIMGAMES - TIM's cloud gaming service - ensuring the best gaming experience on 5G smartphones and TV.

Connected via Bluetooth to the TIM Box decoder and 5G smartphone, TIM Gamepad offers high performances in terms of response and game playing and its double vibration motor makes the gaming experience even more realistic.

The main features that make the TIM Bluetooth Gamepad a reduced environmental impact product are listed below:

  • functions: it can be used for a variety of functions, both as a game controller and an Android TV remote control with basic functions
  • packaging: made of 100% recycled cardboard printed entirely with water-based ink. The paper and cardboard are certified in accordance with the FSC® programme
  • body: made of homogeneous, recyclable and flame retardant-free plastic material. The design with a reduced number of parts makes its end-of-life disassembly easier
  • electronics: electronics of reduced size and weight thanks to the chip-based design providing a high level of integration and functions
  • reduced number of parts and electronic components: compared to the previous generation product, the USB dongle was removed in favour of a design that performs equally well with a Bluetooth connection. This solution not only reduces the number of electronic parts but also reduces waste (a dongle in each package even though one sufficed for two gamepads)
  • power supply: the choice of an electrical power supply provided exclusively through a rechargeable battery avoids the need for of single-use batteries, greatly reducing the environmental impact
  • energy consumption: the "auto standby" function reduces energy consumption to a minimum as energy is only consumed when the user is actually using it; the energy consumption in standby is extremely low (up to 160 days with a single charge) to reduce the number of charges required.

The TIM Bluetooth Gamepad has also been designed in compliance with all safety regulations, with an in-depth analysis of the:

• Electrical risks

• Mechanical risks. As regards the mechanical risks, in accordance with standard EN60950-1 (Clause 4.3.1: Edges and corners) the edges and corners of the body shell are rounded.