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Modem ADSL Wi-Fi ADB

The first “Telecom Italia Green” product was the new “Modem Adsl Wi-Fi N ADB” aimed at both business and private customers.

Eco design principles have been applied to both product design and manufacturing. Here are the features that make the ADSL modem Wi-Fi N ADB a product with reduced environmental impact:

  • saves on average use per year over 40% of electricity

  • energy consumption is minimized according to the objectives set by the EU Code of Conduct for Broadband Equipment signed by Telecom Italy

  • the power supply is high efficiency (greater than 77.85%)

  • the plastic material used for the body is homogeneous, recyclable and free of halogenated compounds

  • the plastic used for the shell has been reduced by more than 60% by weight with respect to a product of the previous generation with the same functionality; also the shell is composed of three parts and the number of screws has been halved so as to shorten the time of disassembly at end of life more than 70% over the previous product

  • the cardboard used for packaging of the product is not plastic and recycled