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Sirio. Olivetti

The eco-efficiency features of the “Sirio.” fixed line telephone represent a significant improvement in terms of environmental impacts compared to similar older generation products:

  • on a yearly basis it uses about 90% less energy on average; being a line powered corded telephone it doesn’t need a power supply, therefore it has no impact on the energy consumption of the user;
  • the outer shell is manufactured with halogen-free homogeneous and recyclable plastics;
  • thanks to the application of eco-design rules the disassembly time has been reduced by about 20%;
  • the accessories that are supplied in the package (cords and telephone plug) are made with PVC free highly recyclable materials; the plug is made with 30% recycled ABS;
  • the package is made of non-plasticized cardboard, that contains up to 70% recycled material.