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The system of listening to our customers

We oversee quality and customer experience through an extensive listening system that allows us to detect the customer journey at different touch points and to define specific improvement plans to give value to our customers’ feedback.

Of particular importance among the surveys of the Italian market is the monitoring of the “Customer Satisfaction Index” based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) standard, which aims to survey the quality perceived by TIM customers and the customers of main competitors.

In 2022, the value of the CSI for the Consumer customer base of the Italy perimeter was 75.01 (vs 74.29 in 2021(1)) compared to a target value of 75.63 confirming a stable performance. Also in the Small and Medium Business segment, CSI improvement targets were set and fully achieved. With reference to the customer satisfaction indicators monitored by TIM Brasil, an improvement in the average Consumer Customer Satisfaction Index was recorded in 2022 with +7.5% vs 2021. The remaining satisfaction indicators were essentially unchanged.

(1) Updated data based on revenues for the reporting year.


Protected customers

In the case of tariff or contractual changes or other initiatives undertaken in compliance with specific regulatory references we inform all our customers through our commercial websites, in the main national daily newspapers and with a message appearing on the bill or via SMS.

If our customers, after submitting a complaint about a service used or a product purchased, are not satisfied with the feedback received, they can activate the free conciliation procedure, requesting a review of their problem.  This is an opportunity to settle disputes out of court, which we make available to our customers in addition to the regular complaint management channels.