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Sustainable Data Centers

Sparkle’s challenge: Sustainable Data Centers

Sparkle designs and manages its Data Centers with respect for the environment. So let’s find out how.

10/14/2020 - 11:15 AM

Data Centers are buildings featuring the most advanced electrical, mechanical and security systems, within which internet hosting services are managed 24 hours a day via automation systems, artificial intelligence and specialised personnel. 
Data Centers are a strategic resource for a growing number of companies, which base their business on data and information management and exchange. They’re also a new energy-intensive sector with a potential impact on climate change: globally, around 2% of electricity is currently absorbed by such facilities. 

Green Data Centers: Sparkle’s experience

Sparkle, the global operator of the TIM Group, manages an extensive network of Data Centres in the Mediterranean area (4 in Italy, 4 in Greece and 1 in Turkey). And it is thanks to the integration of these Data Centers into the proprietary fibre optic network and the Mediterranean backbones that it is able to offer its customers a complete range of ICT solutions, from colocation to cloud, to connectivity services for global operators. Always with respect for the environment.

Sparkle’s Data Centers are managed based on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability

Sparkle replaces older equipment, which requires greater energy consumption, with new equipment able to support more efficient solutions, such as EFC (Evaporative Free Cooling), which reduce costs and ensure greater operational resilience. The buildings are designed and managed based on “green” principles, i.e. using the most advanced cooling techniques, but also ceilings and walls better able to manage temperature, use lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-ion batteries, low energy consumption LED lights, and more besides.

Greece and Turkey: the new Sparkle Data Centers are more and more efficient 

Over recent months in Greece, in the town of Metamorfosis, the fourth Sparkle Data Center in the country is taking shape, operational at the beginning of 2021. Innovative design and technologies drive its construction, aiming to maximize efficiency to preserve the environment. Due to the adoption of an evaporative cooling system - the first in the region - and highly efficient electromechanical equipment, the new Data Center will achieve a Power Usage Effectiveness level of 1.2, against a national average of around 1.8, and will significantly reduce the amount of gas emissions. The project also includes installing photovoltaic panels to absorb noise created by external electromechanical equipment. The new Data Center will be the most energy efficient of its kind in Greece.

Sparkle's new Data Center in Metamorfosis (Greece)

In Turkey, Sparkle was the first company to introduce lithium-ion batteries as early as 2018, which soon became the nation’s first green Data Center. Located in Yenibosna and part of the Seabone network, the Istanbul Data Center is one of the most important colocation facilities in Turkey, equipped with the best technology on the market and sophisticated monitoring systems. In the last year, Sparkle has expanded the facility by an additional 300 m2 and carried out various works to further reduce its environmental impact and improve both reliability and safety, so as to offer customers more space and power. The energy redevelopment works involved the power system, but also the new cooling system, which is capable of reducing consumption by 14%.

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