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Green Pea

With Green Pea to promote change

Our way of contributing to a new way of thinking, living and consuming, based on respect for the environment and for people.

12/16/2020 - 09:15 AM

The future is built during times of crisis and transformation. That is why we have decided to take part in Green Pea, the project starting from Turin to promote a new international way to consume. Because every one of us, at any time and with each purchase, can take part in the change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Opening Green Pea is a further step forwards on the sustainability path taken by TIM, because it is a project that enhances our low environmental impact offer of products and services. To this we would add that we are also technological partners of this space thanks to innovative, advanced digital services. Green Pea is the umpteenth tangible act towards sustainability and the right way to respond to the needs of customers who are increasingly more aware of how important this subject is.”

Federico Rigoni, TIM Chief Revenue Officer

The world’s first eco-sustainable shopping centre, Green Pea is dedicated to respect for the earth, air, water and people. Sustainable in every detail and developed over an area of 15,000 m² on 5 floors, with more than 100 partners and structured on the areas of energy, movement, the home, clothes and free time.

The TIM Concept Store

In the TIM Concept Store, located on the ground floor of Green Pea, you can learn about and try out our services and products combining technological innovation and sustainability.  

First of all TIM Green, a group of initiatives designed to improve the environmental efficiency of our products, from using sustainable materials to reducing energy consumption, applying “Design For Environment” rules: phones and modems, along with decoders and gamepads for gaming, on to the new SIM card, made from 60% recycled plastic, and the reconditioned smartphones which save 50 kg of CO2 (the amount needed to produce a new one).

And there’s more. In the Store you can also learn about the latest Smart Home security and energy-saving solutions, plus entertainment services with low environmental impact packaging and creation. From the home world you then move to innovative technologies to reduce negative effects on the environment, with the demos on Smart Agriculture, Smart City, Industry 4.0 and e-Health
You can also make a virtual visit to a TIM shop, interacting with products through augmented reality and a simple tablet, and can watch sports and cultural events in “live” mode again using TIM connectivity, living an “immersive“ experience without moving, thus reducing CO2 emissions. Then learn more about technologies and services enabling sustainable behaviour and lifestyles, allowing you to reduce waste of natural resources, including smartworking, e-learning and dematerialiation of services.

TIM technology for Green Pea

As technological partner, TIM has provided the most advanced technologies to make Green Pea a place of multi-sensory interaction, learning and entertainment on sustainability: from the installation of optical fibre, to 4G/5G mobile coverage, to Wi-Fi connections and on to a cloud infrastructure, all to enable the building for the most advanced digital services including video-surveillance and video-conferencing, monitoring of the flow of people present, and multimedia totems to transmit information and advertising messages.

With our technologies and offers we want to tangibly contribute to sustainable growth, and the decision to take part in the Green Pea adventure is an important step on this path. It will lead us to increasingly more challenging goals like the one to become a 100% carbon neutral company by 2030.

Our sustainable products

TIM Green

TIM Green

TIM Green