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Festival Sviluppo Sostenibile 2023

Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile 2023

TIM with ASvIS keeping the future bright.

05/04/2023 - 03:50 PM

Once again this year, TIM is supporting the Sustainable Development Festival, the event promoted by the Alleanza italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile  (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development, ASvIS) with the aim of spreading the culture of sustainability and drawing national and local attention to the issues and opportunities related to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

For 2023, the year, the festival will open on 8 May in Naples, Italy with The State and the Regions for Sustainable Development and Overcoming Inequalities: From the NRRP to the European Funds for Cohesiveness, an event in which representatives of national and international institutions and leaders in the public and private sectors will meet to define common strategies for sustainable development. Participating for TIM will be Enrica Danese, Chief of Institutional Communication, Sustainability Projects & Sponsorship.

As usual, the Festival will also take place throughout the country with a series of local events, such as the one organised by TIM on 23 May at the IIS Giorgi - Woolf higher education institution in Rome where, together with the students, we will discuss the recent amendment of Article 9 of the Italian Constitution, which today, in addition to protecting the artistic heritage and landscape, also provides for the protection of the environment, diversity and ecosystems.

Supporting ASvIS activities is one of the many building blocks of our approach to sustainability. This approach is implemented in the ESG goals that form the basis of our Group Business Plan.

The choices we make today determine what we will be. Let us keep the future bright with increasingly conscious and responsible individual and collective behaviour.