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TIM for Earth Day

Together with AWorld to combat climate change

04/22/2022 - 01:33 PM

TIM is celebrating Earth Day, the day every year when the environment and protecting our planet are celebrated all over the world. To do so, TIM is renewing its partnership with AWorld, the app chosen by the United Nations, that aims to spread awareness of an environmentally conscious lifestyle on a large scale.  

It launches today Act Now: Speak Up!, the campaign promoted by AWorld, to mobilize an increasing number of people to take action against climate change, to which TIM is contributing. The campaign will run for a total of six months and will cover three macro-areas: Music for the Planet, Sport for the Planet and People for the Planet.

Climate change: what we can do.

As part of Sport for the Planet, TIM and Lega Serie A, together with AWorld and ZeroCO2, will drive an initiative that will take place during game day on 1 May. Footballers and fans will be able to help create a new forest dedicated to TIM Serie A that will not only benefit the habitat, but will also generate food and economic support for local farming communities. Up to 5,000 new trees will be planted: 100 for every goal scored on the day, plus those "earned" by fans through virtuous actions recorded via the AWorld app.
With this initiative will be generated over 100 thousand good individual actions, absorbed up to 2,250 t CO2 eq and helped local communities involved in the forestry project. 

In addition and still working together with AWorld, as a way to celebrate 22 April, TIM is issuing a new challenge to its employees. After the success of the first challenge, TIMAct4Green, which in February this year resulted in the saving of some 182 t CO2 eq and the planting of 200 trees, all Group employees will be involved in a second initiative that will run for a month, until 22 May. If the goal of saving a total of 60,000 kW of electricity is achieved, TIM will donate 3 years of sustainable lighting to a community in Senegal. This initiative will be carried out in partnership with Liter of Light and will be based on the use of renewable energy.

Collaboration between TIM and AWorld began in 2021 when the start-up was selected by  TIM WCAP, the TIM Group's Open Innovation programme that promotes business opportunities with start-ups, SMEs and scale-ups.