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Environment BU Domestic
Sustainability indicators: targets and results for the environment Domestic BU

Targets and results environment Domestic BU

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Area of referenceIndicatorUnit of measurementActual figure
Target [*]
THE ENVIRONMENT ENERGYTotal reduction of electricity consumption [**]%34 [1]NA467
THE ENVIRONMENT ENERGYPercentage of renewable energy out of total energy purchased and produced [**]%21New target263136
THE ENVIRONMENT ENERGYEco-efficiency indicatorbit/joule15,53113,300A14,20015,40017,400
THE ENVIRONMENT ATMOSPHERIC EMISSIONSReduction of CO2 emissions from the purchase and production of electricity
(base year 2019) [2]
%Emissions from purchased and produced electricity: 693MtTarget changed: base year modified112433
  • [1]

    The electricity consumption target of 1,785 GWh shown in the 2018 Sustainability Report corresponds to a reduction of 4% compared to total electricity consumption compared to 2018

  • [2]

    The 2020-2022 targets represent percentage reductions compared to total consumption in 2019

  • [*]

    Status target: A=achieved; NA=not achieved