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Activities in the social field

We want to improve people's living conditions and use our resources to make a real contribution to the civil, cultural and economic development of society. We do this by cooperating with non-profit institutions and associations, acting as an active part of the solidarity chain as well as financing and supporting new community projects.


Collaboration with institutions

We work alongside the Civil Protection Department and all national and local institutions, state administrations, the armed forces, private companies, research centres and local communities to protect human lives, settlements, animals, arts heritage and the environment, both in disaster or emergency situations and in major events.

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Charity fundraising

For over 20 years, through fundraising text messages and landline calls, we have raised funds to support humanitarian, scientific, social and environmental protection projects for Third Sector Organisations, as well as initiatives for national and international emergencies sponsored by the Civil Protection Department.
The total amount collected in 2023 was € 8 million: of the 1.7 million donations, 45% came via mobile and 55% were from landline.

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Foundations and Associations

Fondazione TIM is an expression of our social commitment. Through it we finance and support various projects to promote the culture of change and digital innovation, with a view to fostering integration, communication, education and economic and social growth.

The 'Call for IDEAs 2023' has gathered more than € 2 million to fund ideas that will improve people's lives, also making prominent use of technology to innovate in a responsible and sustainable way. We received around 500 proposals, and nine were proclaimed as winning projects.

In Brazil, "Instituto TIM" (TIM Institute) promotes the social inclusion of children and adolescents through educational and social programmes. Since 2013, more than 700,000 people have been involved throughout all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District.

Since 1998, we have collaborated with public and private organisations alongside the Archivio Storico Olivetti Association to organise exhibitions, conferences, cultural projects and publications. 

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