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Digital identity services

We simplify the relationship between citizens and Public Administration

We develop digital identity and validation solutions for people and things, including SPID, PEC and Digital Signature.

  • The public digital identity system SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) provides all citizens and businesses with a single, safe and secure access to the digital services offed by Public Administration and associated private operators, allowing them, for example, to recover their documents online or to carry administrative formalities remotely;
  • Certified electronic e-mail or PEC (Posta Elettronica Certificata) allows the sending of e-mails with the same legal value as a registered letter with return receipt;
  • Digital Signature is the electronic equivalent ofthe traditional handwritten signature on paperand allows documents to be exchanged onlinewith full legal validity, guaranteeing the integrity,authenticity and non-refusal of the electronic document on which it is affixed.

The services are provided by Trust Technologies, a Group company accredited as a provider of qualified trust services according to European legislation. In 2022, active digital identity services grew by 31% compared to 2021, more than expected by the Plan target (+15% CAGR as of 2024).