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Digital solutions for business growth and sustainability

Revenues from digital services and connectivity grew more than the market average

Through TIM Enterprise, we lead companies and Public Administration towards digital transformation, offering services that improve the efficiency, safety and resilience of their business while reducing their environmental impact. A growth opportunity for the economy of Italy as a whole.

  • Cloud services: to get the most out of IT while minimizing the environmental impact

With the Cloud, companies and Public administration get maximum computing power and security, but also lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, thanks to economies of scale and optimized energy use in our data centers.

  • Smart Working & Collaboration services: more efficiency for companies and more time for people

Thanks to Smart Working, companies reorganize spaces by reducing lighting, heating and air conditioning consumption. It decreases CO2 production related to energy consumption and home-office travel. People have greater flexibility in organizing their time.

  • Security services: safety for a solid economy

Companies that invest in the security and resilience of their IT networks protect themselves from potential financial and reputational costs and contribute to the solidity of the national economy.

  • IoT services for the Smart City: smart data for a more livable, safe and sustainable city

Digital technology can transform cities into places that are more welcoming and safe for citizens, and simpler and more efficient for administrators. In 2022, through Olivetti, we acquired the urban intelligence Mindicity platform, which provides digital solutions for Italian municipalities.

  • IoT services for Smart Agriculture and Smart Industry: improving productivity and minimizing environmental impact

Data collection from the ground and the air using IoT sensors, enrichment with data from other sources and analysis using Artificial Intelligence, allow you to decide, for example, if and when to irrigate or use pesticides. The same methodology is applied in industry to control production factors.

  • IoT services for E-Health: more accessible treatments for patients and more sustainable costs for the healthcare system 

With digital health solutions, medical checkups become simpler and faster for patients and more sustainable for healthcare facilities by reducing time and optimizing the use of space.