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Who promotes, supports or takes part in a fundraiser with a number? How does it work? The answers at a glance: 

How a fundraising campaign works

Telephone fundraising services for socially beneficial purposes are governed by Agcom Resolution 85/21/CIR of 08/07/2021 and by the new Code of Self-Regulation, signed by all telephone operators and published on the Agcom website on February 24, 2022.

TIM donates the entire amount to the beneficiary organisation, in accordance with transparency and sustainability requirements.

The numbers that can be used for fundraising are divided into permanent and temporary number groups:

  • 455XY numbers with X= 1, 2, 3, (30 numbers) are assigned on a permanent basis, with annual renewal and use for a maximum of three fundraising campaigns;
  • 455XY numbers with X= 0, 8, 9 (30 numbers), are assigned on a temporary basis, may be used for a fundraising campaign lasting up to 20 days.

Since 2014, 45500 and 45599 have been reserved for fundraising for emergencies or natural disasters, at the request of the Civil Protection Department.

How to apply for a fundraising number

Telephone fundraisers can only be requested by organisations belonging to the so-called "Third Sector", in particular non-profit organisations and humanitarian international aid organisations (NGOs or UN organisations), registered or awaiting registration to "Registro Unico Nazionale Enti Terzo Settore" (RUNTS - National Single Register of the Third Sector).

The prerequisites to apply for a fundraising number are the following:

- communication space on major national TV channels (RAI, Mediaset, La7, SKY), without which the solidarity number would not be able to produce the expected fundraising volumes

- sending the complete documentation to the Telecom operators by the 1st of the month before the start of the fundraising campaign. Exceptions are the September fundraisers for which documentation is required by 1 July.

In order to get information and to start a charity fundraising campaign you can contact  (in Italian)

                              Lorenzo Costantini -      

                              Tiziana Nicotera –

Download the list of documents which are needed to apply for a fundraising number - organisations registered to RUNTS (in Italian)

Download the list of documents which are needed to apply for a fundraising number - organisations awaiting registration to RUNTS (in Italian)

Download and consult the project checklist for phone operators   (in Italian)

How to donate

The values for mobile text message fundraisers are 1 or 2 euros, while for calls from the fixed network, the values may vary between 2, 5, or 10 euros, depending on the National Number Plan.

To submit reports or requests for clarification on the amounts charged as a result of donations made, TIM donors can contact its Customer Service (187 for donations from landlines and 119 for donations from mobile phones).