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We fund community projects.



Since 2009, we have promoted the economic and social growth of the country through Fondazione TIM.

In 2022, the organization disbursed around 3 million euros in donations and public t enders.


  • 11,894,000 euros to the World Health Organization for the health of Ukrainian migrants and refugees;
  • 300,000 euros to the university-hospital polyclinic Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria Policlinico Umberto I for implementation of the “2022 Oncology Project”;
  • 80,000 euros for artistic and cultural initiatives, for the protection and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage, for the development of ways and forms of enjoyment and dissemination of knowledge of the heritage itself, and to support the world of culture, entertainment and music;
  • 300,000 euros to the “Corinaldesi-Padovano” State Higher Education Institute for restoration of the Senigallia Institute's laboratories and professional equipment, which were severely damaged by the flood that hit the Marche Region in September 2022.

2022 "Education and Scientific Research" calls for tenders

  • "T-riuso mascherina!" 300,000 euros allocated to the call for tenders aimed at universities and research centers to find innovative, technology-supported solutions to propose methods of recycling and processing protective masks of all kinds;
  • "Studiamoci su": two grants worth 50,000 euros each, for research projects and proposals for therapeutic interventions on the psychosocial impacts that the pandemic has brought about in the youth population.

Instituto TIM

In Brazil, TIM promotes the social inclusion of children and teenagers through education programs in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI).

Since 2013, over 700,000 people have been involved in all 26 Brazilian states and the Federal District. In 2022, the “Exponential Education” initiative was launched with One By One ONG to prepare young people for the labor market.

The Olivetti Historical Archives Association

Since 1998, with the Olivetti Historical Archives Association, we have collaborated with private and public entities to organize exhibitions, conferences, research, and publications. In addition, we guard and manage a uniquedocumentary heritage, enhanced in an innovative  way using a digital approach that reaches new generations and an international target audience.

In 2022, we created the “Olivetti ela cultura nell'impresa responsabile" exhibition, a series of 6 exhibits at the P.A. Garda Museum in Ivrea. The Olivetti Historical Archives  Association was amongthe sponsors of the UNESCO recognition of Ivrea Industrial City of the 20th Century (2018) and Ivrea Italian Book Capital (2022).