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Our initiatives

Some of the things we are doing to make TIM an increasingly inclusive company.

Culture and company's identity

- In 2011, we signed the Charter for Equal Opportunities and Equality at Work, created in 2009 by Fondazione Sodalitas, AIDAF, AIDDA, Impronta Etica, UCID and the National Advisor on Equality, with the patronage of the Ministry of Labour and Ministry for Equal Opportunities. TIM's aim in doing so is to contribute to the fight against all forms of discrimination in the workplace, whether on the basis of gender, age, disability, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. At the same time, we are committing ourselves to valuing diversity within the company structure, with particular focus on equal opportunities for men and women. 

- We have devoted a special paragraph to the subject of inclusion in the main documents that define our company identity: the code of ethics, human rights policy, charter of values and leadership model.

- In 2017  we obtained the Family Audit certification (renewed in 2018 and 2019) that commits the company to a plan for the development of initiatives for reconciliation of family and professional life, a plan measured by a specific set of KPIs and KPOs.

- "TIM Equity & Inclusion Week”:  a week organised in many locations and full with events organised and self-produced by employees (the 2019 edition hosted more than 200 events).

- “TIM4inclusioncommunity”: a  a community of knowledge sharing dedicated to these issues, with the participation of at least 200 colleagues. On a project working method, solutions are proposed for overcoming all types of barriers.

Training and development

- The performances of all TIM people are also assessed through a specific "Diversity and Inclusion" competence, which aims to measure the contribution in promoting the value of diversity and in strengthening the culture and practice of gender equality.We will measure our performance on inclusion issues based on the growth of this competence. The 2018 performance was the first measurement in relation to which the 2019 target of 3% growth on annual basis was set, thus going from 5.86 to 6.04 (increasing scale from 1 to 7; value calculated on the total company population).

- TIM Academy 3 e-learning training courses and a program of training for middle managers:

  • "Give value to diversity” available to all it gives an overvieW on this topic
  • "Managing disability” aimed at providing a better understanding of how to relate to a colleague or co-worker with a disability.
  • “Inclusion = creating value”: a Special training program for middle manager will be launched, with a focus on the motivations linked to the benefits of inclusion and enhancement of diversity for companies

- In 2019, a "Well-Being Project" was launched to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and illness prevention, through four themes:

  • prevention
  • nutrition education
  • movement and physical activity
  • stress reduction

In the field of prevention, the first e-learning training module, available for all on the TIM Academy platform, deals with HIV and sexually transmitted illnesses.  Finally, within the "Movement and Physical Activity" strand, a partnership with Gympass was launched, which allows employees with a single monthly subscription to access over 2,200 sports centers at affordable prices.

Disability Management

At TIM, there are over 1.600 employees with disabilities, accounting for around 3% of the workforce. The following have been made available for these employees to have a positive work day:

  • the policy of automatic workstation adaptation;
  • solutions to improve communication between deaf and hearing employees throug online sign language and text to speech communication tools;
  • the launch of the project "Dislexia No Problem" whose goal is to get the dislexia friendly company certification within 2020.
  • the activities of the Working Capital accelerators that assist several disability project start-ups;
  • support for employees’ children with disabilities during TIM Summer camps.


Gender and female leadership

- Active collaboration with Value D, an association to promote career paths for women: cross-company mentoring project, skill building courses.

- In November 2017, we signed the Female Employment Manifesto of Valore D that commits the company to monitor the presence of women inside the company, analyzing the main indicators: absolute numbers and percentages at entry and dispersion in the course of professional growth, analysis of constraints and opportunities for growth, pay gap or wage gap and presence in the company of different generations. The company is measured on the KPI GR-G4 set.

-  During 2019, the "Progetto Donna" (Women's Project) was launched,  whose first  step was, on march 8th 2020,  the publication of "TIM Manifesto for the reduction of the gender gap".


To reduce gender gap we are committed to the following goal for 2018/2020: to increase of 25% the  awareness of managers on their unconscious bias:

  • Action 1: Review, within 2018, of the current managerial model, inserting a behavior specifically related to inclusion, in particular of gender, in line with the Code of Ethics and Human Rights Policy.
  • Action 2: To realize within 2019 a Self-assessment campaign on gender bias, through intranet news and the online test "Implicit test" developed by Harvard University on various bias.  
  • Action 3: Introduction within 2019 of an e-learning training course on unconscious bias to be accessed at least by 15% of managers.
  • Action 4: Introduction within 2019 of flexibility measures for pregnant women.
  • Action 5: ILaunch within 2020 of a "Manifesto for the reduction of  the gender gap":


- In 2018, a programme was launched to raise awareness of healthy lifestyles and illness prevention. The first e-learning training module, available for all on the TIM Academy platform, deals with HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.

- We are founding members of PARKS - Liberi e Uguali a non-profit making organization aiming to help partner companies to  construct a culture of global inclusion. We moved forward Italian law volution providing: 

  • equivalent application of our policies on permissions, leave and the use of benefits and welfare services to LGBT and heterosexual couples,
  • extension of the use of services aimed at children and teenagers to the children of the family unit of the employee.

- In 2018 and 2019 TIM was sponsor of Rome and Milan Pride.

Age Management

"Longevity”: We have begun a project on ageing which, given the fact that we now work for longer, aims to create inter-generational partnerships and to redesign:

  • welfare services,
  • the system to develop and assess potential,
  • training plans.

A special mention, next to our projects for inclusion,  is due to our volunteering activities.

  • “Distance adoptions”: over 1,700 colleagues renewed their commitment to help the Italian Centre for Aid to Children, the Comunità di Sant’Egidio and Save the Children, signing up to adopt children at a distance. In 2019 our contribution totalled 180,000 euros.
  • To coincide with World AIDS Day, we have organised the webinar 'HIV and Related Issues', presented by Dr Silvia Corcione from the Clinic of Infectious Diseases at the University of Turin. The aim is to provide accurate information on sexually transmitted diseases, currently available treatment and the ways they are transmitted.
  • "Blood Donors Group": 51 blood donation days, around 10,000 blood donations a year. A community a community of knowledge sharing dedicated to these issues, with the participation of 100 colleagues works on promoting blood donation, giving information and organizing the blood donations days, in collaboartion with AVIS (Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue).
  • Race for the Cure: “TIM Runners” is a team of over 700 colleagues  who signed up to participate in the  city runs  organised by the Susan Komen Foundation to help breast cancer research, in 2019.
  • Dynamo Camp: the partnership with this Onlus (not for profit association) covers both the working environment and technology required to run “Radio Dynamo” as well as the participation of our personnel as volunteers at both the Radio and the Camp.
  • Solidarity stalls: 64 stalls were hosted by charities at 15 company locations.

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