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FAQ Sustainability

Why have we decided to be sustainable?

A company like ours chooses to be sustainable not only because we believe in the respect of specific values and putting them into practice, but also because sustainability facilitates the creation of lasting value for shareholders and other stakeholders. Ongoing economic, social and environmental changes will call companies to new important challenges: in such a context, the companies which have better integrated such dynamics into their strategy will be better equipped to compete and develop.

Which are the principles at the basis of Telecom Italia’s sustainability policy?

At the basis of the whole Corporate Governance system is the Code of Ethics. It describes the business macro objectives and the ethical conduct principles.  

The macro objectives are then declined within the Group through specific policies, procedures and guidelines.

How many years has the Telecom Italia Group been measuring its own sustainability performance?

The Group has been measuring its own sustainability performance and publishing the related reporting for 18 years.

What does “being sustainable” mean in practice?

Being sustainable means to conduct business activities taking account of stakeholders’ expectations. In Telecom Italia we have grouped our stakeholders in eight categories: customers, suppliers, competitors, institutions, the environment, the community (external stakeholders), human resources and shareholders (internal stakeholders). Our objective is the achievement of the balance between the economic, social, and the environmental dimensions. 

What is sustainability performance based on?

The analysis of the sustainability performance and of the related reporting are based on a multi-stakeholder approach and on a system of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These are worked out in line with the guidelines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the stakeholders’ demands, and the outcoming from questionnaires sent out by the main rating agencies for the purpose of admission to the stock market indexes of sustainability .The methodology followed for the measurement of the contribution to the Community is that defined by London Benchmarking Group (LBG).

What’s the selection process for the inclusion of information into the Sustainability report?

Information are selected on the basis of the principles of materiality, responsiveness, and completeness defined by the AA1000 AccountAbility Standard, and in line with the GRI guidelines. The  information reported concern the most relevant topics in terms of the socio-environmental and economic impact generated by the Group, both inside and outside the organisation. These topics are shown in the Materiality diagram.

How are data collected?

Company and Central Departments representatives co-operates with the Group Sustainability department. This network of people ensures the following necessary information to circulate regularly and punctually: Sustainability Report, the Sustainability Plan and the Answers to Sustainability Rating questionnaires

Is there a procedure for the planning of sustainability activities?

Yes, there is a procedure broken down into four phases, leading to the Sustainability Plan. The phases are:

1. identification of the areas for improvement in sustainability performance;
2. comparison between the areas for improvement and the projects the Group plans to carry out for the purposes of its business; 
3. definition of targeted management actions to be taken in the areas for improvement where no projects have been conducted previously, or those where the planned projects have not had sufficient, positive impact in terms of sustainability;
4. monitoring those areas in need of supervision in order to maintain the performance level attained.

Which is Telecom Italia strategy for the environment?

The environmental strategy of the companies of the Group is founded on the following principles:

  • optimising the use of energy sources and natural resources;
  • minimising negative environmental impact and maximising positive impact;
  • pursuing the improvement of the environmental performance;
  • adopting procurement policies that take account of environmental issues;
  • disseminating a culture promoting the correct approach to environmental issues.

Which is the contribution of Telecom Italia to the Climate Change issue?

The approach followed by the Group to combat climate change is conducted at two levels:

  • by the reduction of its own direct and indirect emissions of greenhouse gases;
  • by the encouragement and support for the dematerialisation of goods and service. In this sense ICT favours the replacement of traditional physical products and services with digital products and      processes. For example:
    • video and audio conferencing services avoid the need for the transport of people;
    • Tlc services facilitate and allow teleworking, reducing the consequences of the home-office commuting;
    • on line invoicing and payments, in addition to saving paper and therefore the energy required to produce and transport it, eliminates the need for transport for making payments;
    • telemedicine services reduce the need for doctor-patient meetings, limiting travel and, as a consequence, the emission of greenhouse gases;
    • infomobility systems, using information obtained from mobile handsets, allows the optimisation of traffic flows, reducing travel times and the emission of greenhouse gases;
    • the systems for the monitoring and analysis of consumption allow the optimisation of the energy efficiency of offices and dwellings.

Who can I ask for information on sustainability?

The department has made available an e-mail address dedicated to all those who wish to obtain information, give suggestions, and in general, to express their views on sustainability issues:  groupsustainability@telecomitalia.it