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TIM Innovation Labs

Our TIM Innovation Labs are business and technology innovation centers where we deal with the design and development of the fixed-line and mobile access network, the evolution of the transport network, the development of services and platforms, and testing of new generation terminals.

In these laboratories, located in Turin, Milan, Rome and Catania, we use experimental methodologies that are typical of open innovation integrating the capabilities of industry, universities, research centres and innovative start-ups with in-house technological expertise. This is how we scout for new technologies, draw up studies, carry out feasibility assessments and prototype studies.

We also develop synergies with national and european research and innovation projects and develop new inventions that add to the significant patent assets filed by TIM.

The numbers

> 3,000 patents filed

A figure that places us among the top European companies in terms of patents developed, leading the field of mobile communications.

approx. 9,000 sqm

The expansion of the workshops to Turin, Rome, Milan and Catania.

> 80 researchers

Involved on average each year as lecturers or in other roles at universities and research centres.