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Donazione FAI

TIM, FAI and Olivetti heirs work together to restore Casa Olivetti

The convent of San Bernardino in Ivrea donated to FAI

06/23/2023 - 04:00 PM

Italy's cultural and artistic heritage is a unique asset in the world, which is why, at TIM, we work to enhance it and make it accessible and usable for citizens, collaborating with administrations, authorities and institutions. We do this on a daily basis by developing and providing technology and innovation that advance the way it can be protected, managed and discovered by all.

Today, we announced a new enhancement project, for which it was necessary to start with recovery, restoration and public access management, which will be carried out thanks to TIM's collaboration with FAI (the National Trust for Italy) — an excellent partner committed to returning Italy's great beauties to the community — and the Olivetti heirs.
The project involves the monumental complex of the Convent of San Bernardino in Ivrea, and TIM is donating an area of over 40,000 square metres to FAI, including wooded and recreational areas of great historical and cultural importance. The church in the former convent, embellished with a series of Renaissance frescoes, is also part of the enhancement project and was donated by the Olivetti heirs.

The complex of the former convent of San Bernardino is located in the heart of the architecture of the industrial city of Ivrea, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and was once the home of the Olivetti family and the headquarters of the Gruppo Sportivo Ricreativo Olivetti (Olivetti Recreational Sports Group). With this project, it will once again open to the public and become a cultural and recreational centre for the local Ivrea community, enhancing the entrepreneurial and human journey of Adriano Olivetti. The restoration project will be financed by the Italian Ministry of Culture and Compagnia di San Paolo and is an excellent example of project and economic collaboration between the public and private sectors.


Photos by Barbara Verduci, 2023 (C) FAI