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Four New Board Members at Trust Technologies

Four New Board Members at Trust Technologies

Women now make up 40%

12/15/2022 - 05:45 PM

In 2022, TIM started reorganising the Boards of Directors of Group companies to increase the number of women on them. In the last quarter, the boards of TIM Retail, TIM Servizi Digitali, Telsy, and Olivetti were renewed, bringing the number of women directors to over 60%, and even 100% in some cases.

In recent days, the Board of Trust Technologies has welcomed four new managers, Federica Romano, Veneranda Di Foggia, Claudia Truglio, and Simonetta Sada, who join the rest of the board members, thus bringing the proportion of women on the board to 40%.

Rebalancing the presence of women in decision-making roles is a necessary step to actually apply a meritocratic approach, and reorganising the composition of TIM Group Boards of Directors is a fundamental part of this process.

Other initiatives for developing talented women also go in this direction, such as raising awareness of equal opportunities and managerial growth, goals that the Group has also set itself through a specific commitment to increase the proportion of women in positions of responsibility to 29% by the end of 2024.